Stages in which Technology has Evolved – Technology has gone through many of the steps it has reached the location it is now, the most important of which are:

Emerging Technology Phase

Emerging Technology is a term used to describe new technology currently being developed or expected to be applied within five to ten years.

It may also refer to the continued development of existing Technology and express technologies that are expected to make a difference and social or economic impact. Emerging digital technologies have created new opportunities with legal challenges concerning copyright, trademarks, patents, royalties, and licensing.

For example, the development of new digital communications media has led to issues relating to digital reproduction and the distribution of copyrighted works.

Rapid Technology Phase

Pacing Technology is a technology in early development. In other words, it is a technology that continues accepted quickly. And brings together a large number of users since it has gained initial confidence but still needs to make a significant development before it becomes fully commercial.

In the 1980s, the notable examples of speed techniques were: computer-integrated manufacturing technology, neural network technology, such as computing technology different from traditional algorithm-based von Neumann computing.

Key Technology Phase

Key Technology, a technology that has greatly influenced the progressive level of human beings, is a secure and reliable technology that deals with intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and many more.

Basic Technology Phase

BaseTechnology is the basis for companies but is no longer necessary for competition. As it is widely available to competitors throughout the industry, examples remain often used as CRT displays. Genetic engineering applied to plant protection.

Using this technology, companies have succeeded in creating hybrid bacteria-resistant seeds. So a company that has mastered plant protection through genetic manipulation. It can gain a significant competitive advantage based on its technological competencies.

Stages of its Development

The main reason is universities and institutions are in the locations of the development of information technology. The term information technology emerged in the 1970s when computers began in commercial companies and for non-computer specialists as the word computer dates back to the sixteenth century.

The so-called spreadsheet and word processor then emerged, revolutionizing increased production for employees, thus creating information technology sections, creating more jobs. Then research and discoveries rolled out to show the languages of the tower, applications, and systems, which greatly facilitated the functioning of companies. Education technology is a rather complex but integrated process and the stages of development of education technology.

Technology through Ages

The history of Technology has begun since the beginning of creation. Traces such as stones used as knives, large rocks used as hammers. Some drawings show the manifestations of Technology in those times. And one of the essential features of Technology throughout the ages have remained discovered:

Characteristics of Medieval Technology

Indicators of the development, application, and linking of Technology to population growth at the time, particularly in grain production. Have shown that farmers have greatly expanded the scope of work by obtaining maximum grain production before the emergence of modern chemical fertilizers. And using motorized tractors, horses have remained used as tow animals. And have had to develop horse horses to suit this task.

Modern-Day Technology Properties

In modern times, new designs and innovations of Technology have been used to improve the quality of human life. And life has varied with various modern tools that can imply said to be unable to live without them, such as computers, smartphones, and modern vehicles. These tools are expensive at first but become cheaper day by day. Because they manufacture these elements in large quantities and their development at tremendous speed.

Also, in the age of modern technology, machines have been replaced by humans because they do not need much time to work at their full potential. A significant difference from the time new human workers need to adjust themselves to the new work environment. This Stages in which Technology has evolved have contributed to many aspects of human life. Such as decision-making, relationship building, and communication.


Stages in which Technology has Evolved, such as emerging. New Technology that implies developed or expected to remain applied in a few years, fast. And interest in Technology has remained very quickly accepted, and the main remains a safe and reliable technology. Which remains concerned with intellectual property and others. And remains essential and remains the basis on which all companies remain based.

The main reason for developing information technology is due to universities and institutions. The characteristics of Technology have evolved through the ages to serve the human community in all its details from the middle ages to the modern era. As well as related to the areas of software design and development. And enter into the work of computer network engineers, computer systems analysts, information security, etc.

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