Safe Web Browsing is one of the services launched by Google’s security team to identify unsafe websites when browsing the Internet and alert users and owners of those sites to the expected risks.

Safe browsing is a phenomenon supported by various internet browsers and technology companies to protect their users.

Secure browsing allows you to check and compare URLs with updated google lists that contain unsafe websites, including dangerous websites, sites with unwanted malware, such as viruses, or fraud and scam sites.

All malicious sites are listed in a single database called a blacklist. Point browsers can compare blocklist content with the website to determine whether it is secure and from known browsers that use safe browsing to protect their users: Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Some web browsers provide specific resources for safe browsings, such as Mozilla Firefox, which offers additional components and privacy options to increase browsing security such as Noscript and Appleblock Plus, and Google Chrome itself is a secure browser that shows suspicious site warnings that can cause threats or any cybersecurity problems, andGoogle Chrome can be installed to take advantage of its safe browsing features. In addition, social media stands such as Facebook offer secure browsing by adjusting Facebook’s security settings.

Safe browsing is known as one of the services launched by google’s global security team to identify unsafe websites when browsing the Internet and alert users. And owners of those sites to the expected risks.

It allows safe browsing using a unique infrastructure that enables the user to browse websites protected from various types of cyberattacks such as malicious and malicious programs and fraud attempts. Many internet browsers browse different sites, so you must choose a web browser that allows safe browsing.

Secure Web Browsing Features

There are many rules of safe internet use to adhere to. As safe browsing offers some advantages to users, and the highlights of safe browsing are illustrated. Check websites and compare them with safe browsing lists of malicious sites based on the strategy applied on google. And also, the types of potential threats.

Alert the user before clicking on links on any website that may move it to pages full of viruses. Prevent the user from posting any links to pages known to be dangerous on any website.

Protect all web users from phishing, malware, and maliciousness by notifying them to try to visit a hazardous site. Google’s secure browsing feature is available free of charge to other companies for use in their browsers and is not limit to chrome users only to make the Internet safer. Banning child-friendly sites, as secure web browsing, helps protect children from the dangers of the Internet.

Flaws in Safe Web Browsing

Relying solely on google’s safe browsing to review different websites may not be enough for the reasons below: During safe browsing. Google relies on using and collecting data for users from Gemil through up to spam.

Hackers may use this to block their discovery by the secure browsing system. Google’s policy is to maintain false positives, which means showing the wrong results and considering them correct at a rate of 0.1%, to protect the user from phishing sites that impersonate a third party to access the user’s data.

However, google’s blacklist can only identify the fraud page after it has appeared to internet users for some time. Keeping it one step behind the scammers. But this puts fraudsters in constant anticipation of being exposed.

Note: note that these are not arguments for not using google’s safe browsing, but against over-reliance on it alone. Safe browsing provides different advantages for users while browsing. It protects the device from malware and helps to monitor children’s safe use of the Internet.

Secure browsing on the device we can activate in several steps, and can in return. Deactivate safe browsing, but be aware that this may increase the chance of the device expose to risks and violations.

How to Activate it

Google’s safe browsing of chrome browsers can activate on computers by following the following steps below: open chrome browser on your computer.

Go to the top right of the screen and press the three vertical points, then choose settings. Go to privacy and security and security.

Determine the level of safe browsing that the user wants, as several options appear: regular protection, improved protection, or unprotected.

How to Cancel Secure Web Browsing

To cancel secure browsing in google chrome for all websites and web pages, follow the following steps below:

Open the chrome browser on your computer. Go to the top right of the screen and press the three vertical points, then choose settings from the menu that will appear. And in mac os, you can press the comma key (,) on the keyboard to open google chrome settings.

Go to privacy and security, and security. Press the No protection option in safe browsing. Confirm by clicking off to disable safe internet browsing. Note: when you turn off secure browsing from google chrome. Browsing data sent to google to sort malicious sites will reduce, so pay attention while browsing.

Review Safe Web Browsing.

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