Computer Benefits in Education

Computer Benefits – Computers are of great importance in education, and the following are the essential benefits of computers in education: provide comfort to students, whether in resolving school issues, searching for information online, communicating with each other or their teachers via email, to participate in the exchange of information and knowledge.

Improving students’ performance as a result of providing them with amenities makes them enjoy the educational process and do not feel a burden. Using the computer, they will feel more focused and learn independently. And look for the required information at any time without restriction.

Enabling students to access information and search quickly and from anywhere, the library is no longer the only way to get information. The internet provides many examples, problem solutions, and ways to help students excel.

Facilitates students’ access to the information they need about lesson schedules and timings, makes it easier to schedule their appointments regularly and makes it easier to deliver assignments by photographing them and sending them over the computer to teachers.

Facilitate the search for the best universities that the student decides to join after school, learn about the conditions of admission, how to register, payment procedures, visa conditions, and communicate with the university administration.

Providing enough programs for students is difficult to imagine in some educational fields such as mathematics, making mathematical concepts more realistic and easier to understand. computer

Benefits in Medicine

The computer provided many services in the field of health care and medicine, and here is a brief explanation explaining the benefits of computers in the medical field: the computer is used during patient examination to stabilize and record notes, and then prescribe the correct treatments based on this data, reducing the incidence of common medical errors that usually result from difficulty reading the handwriting.

Photograph patients to diagnose the causes of their illness, such as ct imaging, ultrasound, MRI, and blood tests, then keep these images in the patient’s file for later use in the treatment stages and even present them to the patient himself to discuss his health with him.

Monitor patients with blood pressure devices, heart rate gauges. And many devices with alert sensors that send nurses notice to help save patients’ lives.

Complete drug inventories in warehouses and warehouses, in addition to facilitating tracking of the quantities of medicines and knowledge of the drugs that are about to enter and the duty to purchase quantities of them. And promotes the preservation of the expiry dates of the medicines to withdraw them regularly in the event of expiry in storage.

Benefits in Agriculture

The computer has brought about dramatic changes in agriculture, revolutionizing agriculture, the most important of which are: replace human effort and workforce on traditional farming machines and farming equipment with modern technological devices connected to computers. The programmed to operate according to a particular system.

It provides weather forecasting programs that are suitable for agricultural activities, as well as value agrarian production. Keep records of production, transportation, and farming operations costs to calculate profit and loss.

Facilitate farmers’ communication with each other, and connect with agriculture experts to share knowledge and experience. And gain new information to improve production and earn profits.

To find out how fertilizers are used correctly, access to GIS, which assesses agricultural land in terms of soil conditions, slope. And drainage conditions, soil pH. And weather conditions affecting crop quality.
Control of engine and energy functions found in modern agricultural machinery depends not on human work but technology.

Benefits in Industry

The industry has extensive uses of computers. The following are the essential computer benefits in the industry: track warehouse and warehouse inventory. And document all data in tables and databases on computers for easy access.

Issuing and printing payrolls, depositing cheques, calculating salaries, regulating applications for regular salary increases and irregular bonuses. Design a company website, easily modify it, and make maintenance and updates on its website. It is used for advertising and market products.

Document a database dedicated to customers and their orders. Install their company dealing dates for later use and know your regular customers. Controlling robots used in manufacturing processes that perform complex mechanical functions. These robots are machines connected to computers programmed to perform several tasks

Benefits in the Business

The world as for the business world, the essential benefits of computers at work are. Make it easier to accomplish many tasks simultaneously. Allowing you to open many apps together. Such as unscrewing a cd, creating interactive videos, photo openers, playing music, and printing all papers and faxes together.

Reducing the cost of stationery and reproach equipment. And completing tasks more efficiently and quickly, such as email correspondence, saves time and paper. It ensures that the message arrives and is not lost as in paper messages.

Accessible communication of business owners through the internet, to interact together. To benefit from the expertise and information prevalent in the profit markets. And to use business programs such as those responsible for organizing, preparing, and recalling events and appointments.


The computer first appeared in 1833, and then the world began to use it in different ways. Everyone used the computer and developed it in the way it preferred and in its field of work, so the areas of computer use varied according to the need.

Medical workers developed techniques related to medicine to strengthen and promote this field and to revolutionize the world in medical devices. As well as for various areas of life. Including education, of which computers became an integral part. Not to mention agriculture, industry, the world of finance and business.

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