Technical Devices for Education – Distance education is essential for changing our lives. Current knowledge is no longer limited to traditional patterns such as books and periodicals.

Still, there is a shift from the book as an integrated unit. The teacher as a carrier and advisor of information, to information technology as a constant source of information. We can obtain it at any time and place.

Therefore, it is essential to use the latest technology to prepare a generation with the specifications of this era and build vital educational systems that use investigation, analysis, and conclusions to solve problems.

Dual technology, information, and its revolution have become an integral part of the education system and have led to increasingly frequent cultural, educational. And value changes that affect all societies of the world every day. And thus on the goals and strategies of educational institutions.

But what are the essential information systems used in education?

Digital Interactive Whiteboards

Specialized devices with large displays connected to the computer or projector, the desktop displays the computer on the digital writing board. We have to control using a special pen, finger, or another device. Digital writing boards are widely used in classrooms and corporate boards.

HDTV in Ultra-high-definition TV (UHDTV)

TVs with wide screens display more precise and more detailed images than regular HDTV images. As well as some other features, including the possibility of freezing video viewing to create high-quality still images. Video and still images can then edit and store for later use. This technique is beneficial for painters, designers, and publishers.

HDTV 4k TVs offer four times the resolution of standard HD TVs, providing a more extensive, more precise, and more realistic viewing experience. One of the latest and most exciting technologies is the 3d HDTV. Using special viewing glasses, the 3d HDTV display provides a high-quality 3d theatrical performance.

Smart Boards Smart Boards

They are computers with large ultra-clear touch screens, which have revolutionized educational means and teaching technology, used in the classroom, in meetings, conferences, seminars, and workshops, and communication with the internet. It allows the user to save, store, print, or send what explains to others by email if they are unable to exist.

Digital projectors

A digital projector is one of the Technical Devices for Education that can display images from a traditional screen on a screen or wall. The ideal and most commonly used format for presentations in meetings is when many people need to see the screen simultaneously.  displays examples of these devices.

Moreover, projectors tend to be portable and less expensive than a similar-sized screen. Unfortunately, the images displayed can be challenging to see in illuminated rooms. So they are better uses in dark rooms or curtains.


Small in size, transportable, and used anywhere, and with their interactive learning sources and e-books, tablets have become one of the essential components of modern e-learning systems. Becoming one of the most critical learning tools. Perhaps an alternative textbook tool, and a central tool for managing teacher-student teaching and learning.

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