Definition of Science

Science and Technology – Science is a system interested in the physical world and knowledge based on empirical and methodological observation, through which laws and facts can be developed. The science includes several branches and types based on the subject of the study, including physical sciences, chemistry, life, medicine, social sciences, and other sciences.

Science has a mutual relationship with culture, philosophy. And also, history. It depends on the scientific approach to finding principles and facts.

We should note that science surrounds man from all sides and everywhere. The process of breathing air is based on science. The method of eating food, the water he drinks, and the clothes he wears are all based on science. All things in human life are based on science and based on science.

Defining Technology

Technology is material objects such as tools and devices that have been created by science, used through the human element. And also, which contribute significantly to environmental control and adaptation, so no specific explanation can be found of the meaning of technology, as it includes broad topics, such as systems and tools, techniques, devices.

And machines in many areas, such as construction, medicine, etc., there are several different aspects and definitions of technology, including message delivery systems, such as telephones, networks, broadcasting companies, and postal systems. The cognitive application of goods and services. Scientific application to serve humanity. a set of physical things and software that facilitates people’s lives. And also, helps them think better.

Develop systems that expand individual capabilities, generate knowledge, innovation, and meet human needs. Equipment and techniques used to perform activities. Methods used to produce crafts and tools—applied science for the well-being of individuals in the health system. Moreover, we use this means to facilitate human societies’ interaction and adaptation to the environment.

The Relationship between Science and Technology

Science is highly and distinctively related to technology. As science leads to technology in several ways: innovative new knowledge that leads to new ideas and possibilities. The sources used are tools and techniques that provide a great knowledge base for designs.

Research methods, tools, and analytical procedures contribute to the development and absorption of new human skills and capabilities, leading to innovative designs and industry. Evaluate technology by noticing its effects on society and the environment, establishing. And also, developing a knowledge base.

Refine old technology, create new ones and develop applied research more efficiently. Technology leads science equally by providing the opportunity for many further scientific questions, answering these questions effectively. And also, expanding the science plan, and addressing new scientific issues as a source of technologies. And also, devices that are not available more efficiently.


Therefore, it provides the opportunity for many new scientific questions, thereby answering these questions effectively, expanding the science plan. And addressing new scientific issues as a source of technologies and devices that are not available more efficiently.

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