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How Software Works for Mobile? Factory restore is intended to return it to the body it has been since it was first purchased and in the original settings. When you reset a device factory, this will cause all files in it to be deleted and the initial operating system reinstalled in addition to the underlying software.

The user usually resorts to this process when the device or the data on it is malfunctioning. It cannot be repaired, or if the user wants to remove the installed software and profiles, such as selling the device. In Android devices.

For example, a factory reset of the device will cause all user settings to be deleted. As well as the applications installed on it, the data associated with these applications, and user data from the device’s internal storage so that it is returned to the body it was when it was manufactured.

How to Reset the Factory for Mobile phone

iPhones through the same device. Before the factory reset of iPhones, backup is preferred to back up the data that the user finds essential by uploading it to iCloud by following the following steps: Go to Settings.

Click on the apparent username, and then choose “iCloud” from the list. If your iPhone is running an iOS system with an older version of 10.3, iCloud is selected immediately after accessing settings.
Activate the type of data that the user wants to back up, such as photos, stored email, contacts, and other essential data.

Go down the screen and then press the Backup button, which has a green icon, and if the device is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, the user will start the process immediately.

It should be noted that the process may take a few minutes. after the backup process is completed, the user can start the factory reset process by following the following steps. Go to settings and press “General.” Press the “Reset” button at the bottom of the screen.

Press the blue-colored Erase All Content and Settings button, and after a new screen appears, the red Erase iPhone button is pressed. Wait a few minutes until the phone finishes the factory reset, and if successful, the initial screen of the device tuning system will appear for the first time.

The previously uploaded data for the iCloud can be restored, skipped, and started using the phone without restoring any data.

Using a Computer

The user can back up the data through the iTunes software. Connecting the iPhone to the computer, and then pressing the gray-colored Backup. Now button on the tab to show the summary of the device’s data.

After the backup process is completed. The user can reset the factory for his iPhone through iTunes software through the following steps. After the phone is connected to the computer and accessed to iTunes. The icon representing the phone at the top of the screen is pressed.

Press the Restore iPhone button and then confirm the process. It should be noted that the process may take a few minutes to complete.

Enter your phone in Recovery Mode

mode If the operation fails or other problems such as the iTunes software is not detected. The phone should be entered in recovery mode before trying to reset the device as follows:

If you use an iPhone from the seventh or latest version, the phone is entirely closed. And then the constant press of the volume down button, after which (and constantly pressing the volume down button) the phone is connected to the computer. Make sure that the iTunes program works. When the screen appears that the phone must connect to iTunes on the mobile screen, then the user is lifted to his finger from the volume reduction button.

If you use an older iPhone version of the seventh version. The phone is entirely closed, and then the home button is constantly pressed.

Then the phone is connected to the computer with the assurance that iTunes works, after which, once the screen appears. The phone must connect to iTunes on the mobile screen,. The user is lifted to his finger from the home screen button.

Android Devices through the System

To reset the factory for an Android mobile phone, this can be done through system settings. This method is the simplest, with different steps between one phone and another; go to settings by pressing the custom icon on the device’s main interface.

Go to the bottom of the settings menu and press Backup and reset. Then, Go to the bottom of the screen and then press Factory data to reset. Click on Reset phone. Click on Erase everything, after which the mobile phone will be restarted to finish the process.

Out of Order

The factory for the android device can be reset by serially pressing some buttons when and after it is turned on. And this method is helpful if the system is inoperable and is done as follows (the Samsung galaxy s7 will be adopted in implementation steps). Close the phone altogether if not.

Constantly press the play button, volume up button. And home button so that these buttons are pressed together until the device reaches recovery mode.

You navigate options with volume-raising and de-volume buttons and choose “Wipe data/factory reset” using the phone play button. In the same way, “Yes” is preferred to confirm the process. When the process is over, the Reboot system is now selected from the same Recovery mode screen.

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