Speed up your computer without software computers can be accelerated without software by following these simple steps.

Visual effects control

Windows provide several visual effects of interest, including moving windows, faded menus, and generally no problem operating these visual effects if the computer memory is sufficient. These effects can be stopped, speed up the performance slightly.

Cleaning or Replacement

Clean the physical parts periodically because the pieces are affected by special environmental effects over time and pile up dirt, dust, or hair blocks. It recommends replacing equipment and computer parts from time to time so that the person does not have to open the computer to verify the integrity of his equipment and parts.

Disable Start-Ups

Constantly press Ctrl + Alt + Del from the keyboard, showing the user’s computer to-do list. If they log in to many programs, the user waits several minutes, disrupting start-up programs to speed up software opening.

Solving Performance Problems

One of the initial things you can do and try is that they can find problems, fix them automatically, by clicking the Start button. Opening the Performance Error Explorer, then clicking on the Control Panel, then typing trouble-shooter in the search box. Then click on the Troubleshooting icon, and then click on the Check for Performance issues option below the system. And safety.

Other Ways to Speed up Computer

We can accelerate the computer in Other ways, including:

Cleaning up unwanted files and programs: temporary internet files and software consume a lot of space on the hard drive over time. Slowing down and suspending the computer, and to avoid this problem, you must clean the user’s desktop. Delete all unnecessary, unwanted files on the device, delete old videos upload a year ago. And back up all data that is not currently use on the computer, such as images vacation, for example.

Deciding the computer’s hard drive – You can do this by integrating all the empty spaces created into the file system structure when adding and removing files. And in general, the blank areas in the hard drive make it take longer when making computer operations. Slowly opening files, folders, and programs.

Removal of viruses, malware, and spyware: every windows pc expose to malware. So antivirus and malware should be used regularly because they significantly reduce computer performance speed.

Speed Up the Laptop

Changing battery settings: most windows systems balance maintaining and performing a laptop battery, where the computer can adjust for faster and better performance. And be aware that this process significantly reduces battery life. And to change battery settings. You should follow the following steps: Click on the Start icon.

Click on the Settings icon. Click on the system. Press on the Battery tab from the left side of the page, and then uncheck the box titled “Turn battery saver on automatically.” Avoid running battery savers in the future.

Computer restart: Restart the computer to speed it up by clicking Start, then clicking power, and then clicking restart.

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