Laptop Maintainance – Anyone who owns a laptop should always strive to maintain it, as the maintenance of the periodic laptop helps to keep the device in good condition for long periods of several years, while several steps required to maintain the laptop:

Cleaning the Desktop

A desktop full of scatter icons is one of the worst things that cause chaos and poor work, so it’s preferable to arrange the periodic icons for more system work, as icons can be pulled and placed manually using the mouse based on the desired format. Fortunately, Windows and macOS have electronic desktop rearrangement systems based on the type, size, or otherwise.

Order of the Hard Drive

The laptop usually carries a set of images and files stored on the hard drive in the device, so the user must periodically check these files and get rid of the unwanted, as deleting unnecessary files improves the work of the device, increases its speed, and provides additional storage space, with the need to be careful to avoid deleting the files necessary to run windows of the device.[1.

Clear Cookies in Browser

The laptop stores a large number of cookies when the user visits websites. It is necessary to permanently delete these files to maintain the device’s efficiency, increase its speed, and maintain the level of protection and security of the data more.

Since most users use a chrome browser, the method of getting rid of cookies is as follows: Click on the 3 points in the corner of the browser’s right page, and then choose settings. Choose precise browsing data. Click on advanced options order, to show more options available.

Clean the Screen and Keyboard

Negligence in cleaning the laptop’s keyboard and screen reduces the efficiency of the device and builds up dirt that is difficult to dispose of in the long run, so periodic cleaning of laptop parts is usually recommended with tools manufactures explicitly for this and wet wipes. And also, lens cleaning wipes can be used to clean the screen, and compressed oxygen bottles are one of the best tools used to clean laptops.

Cleaning the Windows of the Laptop

Laptop USB ports are one of the most vulnerable places to dust and accumulate dirt over time. So you should clean periodically to avoid blockage. As mentioned earlier about compressed cleaning packages. As they can be used to clean pores and get rid of the dust that accumulates on them. With the need to leave enough distance between the ports and the airflow straw from the packaging.

Update the Operating System

Updating the laptop operating system is one of the most critical steps for maintaining the device. The continuous update ensures that the user gets the best updates for the technique used. As updated versions of the operating systems give the user system-specific notifications such as software notifications or notifications to correct the system. The update certainly improves the ability and efficiency of the device.

It recommends updating the laptop’s operating system in times away from working hours. Such as break time or during sleep. Because the update takes a long time, hampering the workflow if applied during working time.

Regular Anti-Virus Testing

the presence of viruses on your laptop causes several damages. Slow browsing, network connectivity failure, system failure, and unauthorized access to system software. To avoid such risks, antivirus software must be install on the laptop.

These programs constantly search for any virus within the system. And also, help eliminate those viruses, which put confidential data at risk of theft.

Back-Up Data

If the laptop is disable at times and may not be repairable, so the user must back up their software and data, store them on an external hard drive or cloud. And get a more significant percentage of security that prefers to store essential data and files in 3 different places to keep them from getting lost.

The Importance of Laptop Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the laptop is one of the essential things that increase the chance of its survival working in quality and efficiency. While a number of the most important reasons for maintaining the laptop:


The laptop becomes slow to work and tedious if there is a technical problem in its system. So maintenance from a specialist helps get rid of the issue of a slow computer and helps get the laptop back to work with as much power as possible at reasonable speeds.

Efficiency getting a highly efficient laptop operating system requires ensuring that the software is permanently updated. And also, that any functional system issues are eliminated. It is usually preferable to offer the device to a maintenance person to make sure that all problems that reduce the device’s efficiency are resolved.

The safety of the hard drive in the laptop is sometimes disabled. Which inevitably directly affects data security, as it can be suddenly lost without warning. So periodic maintenance avoids the user being exposed to such risks that cause the loss of important information. Which are difficult to retrieve quickly.

Stay Longer

Regular maintenance of the laptop helps increase the life span of the device’s work. The Laptop can usually stay for many years if taken care of, appropriately maintained periodically, and in maintenance areas.

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