Website Design – Designing any website built from scratch requires an essentially detailed understanding of popular programming languages such as HTML.

Still, if you don’t have web design experience, you can easily create a website using a free hosting service such as Weebly, Wix, WordPress, or Google Sites. Web designers tend to use those sites more than HTML.


If you are a business owner or looking to move your business to the online domain, you can hire a professional website design company.

What are Websites?

Websites are a collection of web-connected pages, a single entity usually owned by one person or organization, and are devoted to several related topics.

In 1989, the World Wide Web development was initiated by Tim Berners-Lee and his colleagues at CERN, an international scientific organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. Where they created the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which unites links between servers and customers.

Text-based web browsers were available for release in January 1992, where the World Wide Web gained rapid acceptance when creating a web browser called Messick.

Developed in the United States by Mark Andersen and others at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois were launched in September 1993.

Types of Websites

Commercial sites: sites designed to sell products or services, and their internet address often ends up on com.

Educational sites: This type of site aims to provide information about a particular educational institution, and its internet address ends with Edu.

Government websites: the purpose of this type of site is to provide information issued by government agencies, offices, and departments, and the information provided by government sites is usually very reliable, and their internet address often ends up gov.

Enterprise sites: the purpose of this type of site is to defend or promote the opinion of the individual or the group’s point of view, and its internet address ends with org.

Personal sites: The purpose of this type of own site is to provide information about the separate, while the internet address has a variety of numerous endings such as info.

The Benefits of Creating Websites

The importance of websites summarizes in the benefits they offer to both the owner of the company or the owner of the site itself and the end-user, which are as follows:

24-hour access to your customers – Everything online is available to access within 24 hours a week throughout the year. The customer doesn’t do much when ordering a service or buying an item via a website.

As you can reach as many customers as possible in different countries and geographical regions, especially with increased interest in e-commerce and shopping sites. Your website may become the main interface of your business whether you sell a commodity or offer services of all kinds.

Lower Costs

When you create a website for the first time that will impress with the meager expenses you need to pay to start, you can get paid hosting at a nominal price of up to a few dollars a month. The range won’t cost you more than $10 — if regular. And you can get it at a lower price if you’re following the different offers of domain companies.

The consequences of design and programming can be overcome with free ready-made platforms such as WordPress, adapt them to the way your company serves. And even use a ready-made template with the same idea as your company.

Great Credibility for Your Activity

On a personal level, when I hear about any company in any field. I immediately go to google to know more about the company and the services it offers. Still, if the company is without a Website Design and satisfied with social media accounts. It loses credibility and customer confidence.

Provide Comfort to Users

Imagine that you want to buy a commodity or get a service. Still, you have to go to the company or establishment that sells the item or offers the service. And I think you’ll think twice or more before visiting the company’s headquarters.

On the other hand, what if everything is available online? You go to the company’s website and find a simple summary of the company’s activity. And services provided with its prices. Or find a catalog of goods that you sell with the cost of each item and the home delivery property. And the difference is enormous.

Excellent Marketing for Your Business

When your company is online. Marketing opportunities become endless. For example, sell men’s watches with a simple online search.

You can find sites and blogs that address the male audience and book their advertising space at meager prices than advertising prices on tv or the street. And your access guarantees for the target segment.

You can also use social media sites for advertising your website. Free of charge, even if many users there talk about you.

Increase and Support Sales and Profits

How does a facility make its profits? First, spend less than you earn. In this case, your expenses will dramatically reduce as long as you rely on the internet to market and display your products. As mentioned in the second point above will not cost much per month to keep your site in operation. While at the same time. You can receive orders at any time.

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