Definition Of Animations

Animation or Motion graphics remain defined as a moving display of graphic design elements from static drawings, shapes, objects, charts, text, or diagrams to illustrate ideas or information that are difficult to explain using fixed words or images. Animations are a kind of animation, but they don’t follow in moving a specific story. So they have less storytelling than other types of animation. Animation is mainly used for storytelling. Such as emotional narrative, artistic expression, and creativity to bring to life story characters, while animations are mainly used in media and marketing.

History Of Animation

It has evolved dramatically throughout history. The animation history follows: the beginning of animation dates back to the 19th century before the discovery of electronic media, using animation books and transparent books to produce motion. The animations were mainly launched at the beginning of cinematography. And appeared in the 1940s through the experimental work of oscar Fischinger and Norman McLaren. Animation has entered film techniques and media through designers Marcel Duchamp, Walter Rotman, and Fernand lager.

It evolved in the 1950s innovatively and creatively through designers saul bass, Pablo Ferro, and Maurice bender, leading to greater access to film and television. The term animation was first used in the 1960s by John Whitney, founder of Motion Graphics, Inc. in recent years; the animation video production industry has evolved significantly in conjunction with technological developments and design programs, as well as the proliferation of screens that have allowed animations to spread and increased opportunities for their use in life.

The Advantages Of Animation

So, it has many benefits: using animations, you can create unique and eye-catching animations at a lower cost, effort, and time. It helps raise brand awareness and ease of understanding. Using attractive methods and easy-to-understand phrases to simplify images and ideas for viewers.

It makes sharing the brand on social media more accessible, with viewers preferring to share videos rather than text sharing. It makes it easier for viewers to discuss and express content by watching brand videos. These reviews and opinions allow you to create a communication channel that makes it easier to discover. And update what needs improvement in products, applications, and services. Animations increase the chance that the websites used for them will appear on the google search page. Animations help increase sales by increasing the number of visitors and customers to brand sites because of mobile content. These animation sites are distinct from other online competitors.

Uses Of Animations

It remain widely used in everyday life, including brand animations to create a brand that distinguishes channels from others, using high-end art techniques. Awareness videos animations imply used to create awareness. And motivational videos send a powerful message in a direct, easy-to-understand. It straightforward way without having to use luxurious and colorful designs. And it’s worth noting that they only use simple backgrounds with audio comments to support the story or message sent. Work animations imply used to produce videos to illustrate key points on the job. They effectively help and broadcast these points and information to the viewer to imply understood and seen differently, which is difficult for the presentation to show.

Declarations animations imply used to produce advertising videos to promote products and deliver them to customers to increase their sales. So that entertaining and attractive videos that attract a large number of customers can imply produced. And remain cheaper than animations. Music videos and movies animations are used to create a full music video. That tells a complementary story to the lyrics of a musical song and can also imply used in the production of short films.

The sequence of tv movie titles animations remains used to describe characters’ inner feelings through combining them with visual elements. And landscapes elaborately and thoughtfully. Films and TV shows use this method to display the sequence of their titles (opening or introduction) to attract the viewer’s attention.

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