Internet service is how data is transmitted from the primary source (service provider) to the public devices of people in the world. Through internet service, people can connect to the Internet and benefit from assistance by exchanging communication between public devices. And includes Internet services in general: software packages and applications of all kinds, email accounts, personal websites, or home pages.

The Importance of Internet Services

The importance of providing internet services is as follows:
Having a positive impact on the economy: internet services and their widespread have contributed to raising the proportions of general commercialization and have positively impacted institutions, society, and the state.

Saving effort, time, and money: internet services provided both employers and employees with time and effort, and reduced some costs and expenditures, as they facilitated communication and communication.

Having a positive impact on cultures and society: internet services have enabled individuals to learn about cultures, increasing social openness and the process of cultural exchange. Internet services are therefore provided by private providers of state and private communications companies, and their provision to all is of great importance to the economy, society, and cultures.

Types of Internet Services

Public internet services are the same worldwide, and the most important types of these services are Internet access. Access to email access. Web hosting. Datacenter services. telecommunications services is a branch of Internet access, providing voice, image, and written communication

The importance of telecommunications services: telecommunications services are of great significance: increased experience and productive capacity: communication services enable the beneficiary to develop their expertise due to the multiplicity and diversity of sources of communication with experienced people.

Thereby increasing production capacity and developing the social base: whether the use of communication services at work or in public life is a means of extending the social base, which has a positive impact on various development areas.

Saving time, effort, and money: these services enhance human communication worldwide, an alternative means for individuals and companies, both for marketing and consumer purposes, saving time, effort, and money from travel and mobility between different countries.

The most important examples of types of communication services: examples of telecommunications services include: instant messaging across different applications. Voice communication via communication sites. Written communication via email or conversation software services. Internet Relay Chat systems. Video connection.

Information retrieval is a software system process that allows the Internet user to access different information resources in actual databases or allows the beneficiary to store, manage and process information.

The Importance of Information Retrieval Services

Information retrieval services are of great importance: they save time and effort—assistance in social and economic development. Moreover, reduce the overloading of information on search sites. The most important examples of information retrieval services include FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL (FTP). Archie database. Gopher database. Which we use to search for and recover documents.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is an online service that allows customers to interview and meet face-to-face without moving from one country to another. The importance of this type of service is that it saves time, effort, and money. And provides communication and communication as quickly as possible.

The most important types of video conferencing: the most important types of video conferences and meetings include: meetings by google. This service provides pre-prepared video sharing and presentations and desktop during a session or meeting. The meeting with zoom meet allows you to communicate with participating members. Share ideas and information and do business.


Internet services are a means of exchanging services between the service provider and the beneficiary; the beneficiary has access to information or technical services, while the service provider receives the material return. And these services and their types of positive impact on the change of the whole world are critical factors in saving time, effort, money. And development in all walks of life.

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