To solve the problem of suspending your computer many procedures can be followed, stopping it from working, and responding to orders, including:

Wait a While

The problem of suspending and stopping your computer from working can occur due to pressure on the CPU in the device.

So the device must be given a few minutes to process all the commands received to it, terminate entirely it.

This solution is a successful solution to address the suspension of the device.

Especially if the suspension problem is transient and does not frequently appear in the machine.

The problem of suspending your computer can be solved by restarting the device as well, and to do so, you must constantly press the power button and wait until the device stops working, then wait for a few seconds and then restart it again, and if options appear in the device screen while it is running again.

The option to start Windows Normally is chosen, and it should be noted that restarting the device. At the same time, it is suspended, and stopped working may lead to Some programs being lost open, while others may automatically save work.

Use Task Manager

The reason your computer freezes and crashes can be caused by the interruption of software operating in the device.

It can be verified whether it is or not by pressing the Caps Lock key on the device keyboard.

So if this key responds to operation and suspension.

The problem with suspending the device is due to the current open program.

Such a program can be closed through the task management tool, and the following steps show how: Press ctrl + Alt + Delete keys via the device keyboard.

Click on the Processes tab that appears on the Task Manager tool screen.

And also, if this option is not, you should click on the More Details option. Choose open program processes, specifically those that consume a great deal of CPU processing. Click on the End Task option.

Check your Browser

The computer is used by many people, mainly in the process of accessing the Internet through one of the web browsers available on the device.

So having a problem in the browser and not responding to the work makes the user feel as if the machine freezes.

It is complete and stopped working, so it is necessary to check the tasks carried out by the browser on the device.

It can see the functions carried out by google chrome browser, for example, which may be the reason why it stopped working from While pressing shift + Esc keys, another thing that could cause your browser to stop working in a way that affects the device as a whole is the presence of what are known as extensions that may interfere with and intercept some commands in your browser.

Solve the Problem of Device Suspension

Update the Operating System

Failing to update your computer’s operating system is a common reason it is suspended and shut down.

So the operating system in the device must be updated to ensure that the CPU runs smoothly and protects it from exposure to viruses and other malware.

The following phrases show how to update the windows ten operating system that works on your computer:

Click the Start button via the device keyboard.

Click on the Settings option, which appears as a serrated circle icon.

Choose Update & security option. Click on the Windows Update option.

Check Ram

Ram in your computer can suddenly suspend and stop working, so it should be verified that this memory is not the cause of this problem.

It is done by examining memory slides using some specialized scan programs such as Memtest86. If errors appear in any falls, new ones must replace them to solve the problem of hanging the device. Other

Update Hardware Drivers

The problem of suspending and stopping your computer from working can be solved by updating all drivers for different computer components.

As no device or terminal that is connected to the computer must remain without a proper definition.

None of the hardware drivers on your computer can be updated by following the following:

Open the settings menu across the device.

Type in the Device Manager search command and click on the option shown above the search results options. Double-click the device category to update its drivers.

Right-click on the device to be updated.

Choose the Update driver option. Click on the computer browsing option to search for drivers

Then locate and choose where the definition is across your computer to Solve the Problem.

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