Internet services is a means of transferring data from internet servers to different computers around the world.

The internet service provider provides its customers with access to Internet services in exchange for a subscription. The characteristics of internet services vary depending on how they are obtained, as they vary in speed, price, efficiency, and reliability.

Ways to Access Internet Services

The choices available for internet access vary; Dial-up is a service that allows internet connectivity by connecting the landline to the modem in your computer and entering the other end of the modem to the phone jack.

It gives the majority of isps the user a phone number set that allows him to request a network connection.

This method is the least expensive and slower way to connect to the internet, in addition to not being able to make or receive phone calls while connected to the internet. Some dial-up line providers offer limited free access to the internet.


Another service that allows internet connectivity through the landline, but unlike the landline method, the quality and speed of the connection are much better.

The possibility of making and receiving phone calls using the landline remains available during the internet connection. It is worth noting that DSL internet services are not accessible in all regions.

Cable Internet Access

It is a type of internet access that uses the same cable television infrastructure. It can transmit data faster than a DSL connection, does not hinder phone calls while in use, and the cost of subscription is equal to or greater than a DSL subscription.


Wi-fi does not require connecting your computer to a landline or connecting wires, it just needs a modem and subscription with the wireless internet provider, and in several places, there are various wireless services available to users for free such as aircraft, steamers, restaurants, schools, and other areas.

Types of Internet Services

Public internet services include several types, the most important of which are: Internet access. Access to email access. Web hosting. Datacenter services.

Domain name registration. the emergence of internet services the cold war was credited with laying the foundation stone of the internet, and after the soviet union launched the sputnik satellite, Americans took it seriously and began to think about ways in which information could be disseminated even after a nuclear attack, eventually leading to the formation of the Arpanet advanced project research agency.

Arpanet eventually evolved into what is now the internet and was a great success in the 1960s.
Still, membership had a military dimension limited to government researchers to share information. Computers in the 1960s were too large, heavy, and immobile.

Those who want to profit from the data stored in any particular computer should travel to the computer site or send magnetic computer tapes through the traditional postal system.

Arpanet adopted the transport control protocol (TCP/ip) on January 1, 1983, the official anniversary of the advent of the internet. Researchers began accumulating the network of networks that became the modern internet.

The Importance of Internet Services

The internet offers a range of uncountable services, and here is the importance of the internet. And also, some of the services it provides:

Digital Transformation

The change associated with digital technology in all aspects of life today uses internet technologies in social life, science, culture, technology, production, medicine, education, economics, and politics.


the internet helps keep people connected, regardless of where they live and distance. The internet has provided the ability to stay up-to-date with what’s going on around the world. It has also made it easier to share different experiences and cultures. And also, send information from one end to the next in the world in just a few seconds.

Business and Marketing

The internet has developed the process of selling products, services to reach customers in remote geographical areas, making it easier to promote and advertise products and find new customers, as well as reducing the operational cost needed, such as eliminating the construction of a product exhibition and reducing the number of employees.


The internet has provided different information to students and researchers in various disciplines and studies and has facilitated communication between students themselves and the teacher and student. The internet has also provided multiple education means such as images, videos, and educational recordings, promoting preservation and understanding.

Travel and Shopping

the internet has made it possible to book tickets for various means of transport, both internal and external, follow appointments, and pay online. And get more information about their destination. The internet has facilitated shopping by making many shops available and making several comparisons to get a better price.

Profit and Jobs

the internet has made it easy to discover a job by facilitating the announcement of job opportunities. The internet has allowed for the possibility of working from home and saving time. And also, money by eliminating daily going to and from work.

Cons of Internet Services

despite the significant benefits the internet provides to humanity, the disadvantages of using internet services cannot be denied. The most prominent of which are:

Addiction prolonged use of the internet can cause addiction, affecting a person’s everyday life, making him an introverted person with many problems. Moreover, such as becoming impatient and less focused while completing various tasks.

Exposure to Bullying

It has become easy to steal personal information and hack accounts without fear of legal accountability.
Inability to break away from work if an essential work-related e-mail arrives after the end of the official term, the employee will have to respond to it. And the result will not be calculated.

Obesity and Health Problems

sitting for long periods on the internet prevents continuous movement that activates the body and helps it burn fat, as well as causing some health problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, where working on the computer requires a lot of repetitive movement. And also, it negatively affects the wrist.

Isolation and Depression

relationships can deteriorate through internet use. And comparing internet users to others on social media is a potent cause of depression and loss of self-confidence.

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