Information and Communication Technology – Technology is defined as inventions that help the individual in his daily life, and the concept of information and communication means information and communication methods.

It is mention that the ways of communication in society have multiplied since ancient times, including speech directly or through messages, radio, television, and others.

Media technology is defined as a means of communication through technology, meant for automating media or telephone. In short, ICT is defined as all technologies used to convert data in various forms into diverse information.

ICT Components

There are five essential components of the ICT network and the computers themselves: facts and preliminary figures. Hardware is the physical component that makes up technology-based technical devices.

Software means software on which the computer depends. Information is the data process to give it an understandable meaning to the user. Procedures are a series of actions carry in a particular order to ensure that the system works smoothly as programmed.

Positive Impacts of ICT

There are many positive effects of ICT on different walks of life, the most important of which are: easy access to information technology has made it easier for many to access the required information, as well as to access various services such as facilitating trade. As well as providing entertainment and entertainment opportunities.

Improved access to education ICT offers the chance to learn through the internet and new jobs. Such as flexible and mobile work. And many jobs in communications.

Easy access to new opportunities and tools ICT has opened new horizons for people whose access to such technology was not within their reach. Such as photography that previously needed a professional studio and photographer, software and editing images, and high-quality printers.

Integrating people with community needs through this type of technology. Such as the blind and visually impaired through the braille method of writing and reading with voice computers. And the feature of screen augmentation for the visually impaired.

There are many Social Media sites available such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. which allows users to stay in touch with each other around the world.

Shopping and commerce through ICT, you can shop online with ease. This feature falls under e-commerce based on electronic money transfer, online transaction processing, and automated data collection systems.

Negative Impacts of ICT

Despite the many positive effects of ICT, it has some negative aspects, the most prominent of which are: layoffs in favor of technology that is. Replacing manual processes with automation, for example, a robot replaces people in someplace. With economic consequences such as loss of income. And some social consequences such as loss of social status and self-esteem.

Reducing face-to-face interaction nowadays, everyone prefers to communicate online through social media sites, email rather than honest face-to-face conversations, making them more individual and introverted.

Online communication makes individuals unable to express their feelings clearly. Reduced physical activity and some health problems. The prolonged use of technology causes health problems, such as headaches, neck pain, eye strain, and psychological issues such as social isolation.

High costs many ICT tools are expensive when purchasing or maintaining, so some low-income individuals may not benefit from e-learning services. Misinformation, not all websites are reliable sources of information, and some may publish misleading or false information and news.

The Technology Revolution in the Field of Media

The world has recently undergone a significant revolution in technology, resulting in a high process in the flow of information; in other words. Different means use to process the content and content to be delivered, and is carried out through the following steps:

Collect data and information, whether heard, illustrated, written, or drawn by the electronic calculator.
Store them. Work to retrieve them efficiently and quickly promptly.

Deployed and transported from one place to another or exchanged. They carry this process out with manual, electronic, mechanical. Electrical technology according to the stages of the historical development of these means. In addition to the areas covered by the development of these means.

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