Write Quickly on the keyboard – There are many things a computer user can do to increase the speed at which they are written on the device keyboard, including:

Creating a Suitable Writing Atmosphere

Some think that mastering the correct and fast writing on the keyboard depends solely on the ability to use the keyboard professionally. But this also depends on providing a suitable, clean, comfortable, and well-ventilated atmosphere. Allowing the user to reach the stage of professional writing, in addition to the availability of a particular table to put the computer on, it is not recommended to put laptops in the user’s lap while writing.

Sit Right

User seating while typing on the keyboard is essential for improving typing speed, taking a correct and good writing position to avoid wrist pain or any other pest that will affect the rate of writing on the keyboard.

The correct seating position is taken by keeping the back straight, the size of the shoulders spaces the feet, the feet are flat on the floor, the eyes are 45 to 70 cm away from the device screen, and the wrists must be made at the same level as the keyboard, to make the user’s fingers bend easily over the panel buttons.

Learn About the Keyboard

You have to recognize the buttons on the device keyboard to access quick typing. Where the keyboards have different buttons that do something different from the other. And to know the work of these buttons, it is recommended to open a text file as a Word file.

And then start pressing all the buttons on the keyboard to see the work of each of them. It should be noted that the user should be aware of what is known as keyboard planning. Where the layout is used ( QWERTY) in most types of keyboards. This layout is named after the characters on the left side of the top row on the keyboard.

Focus on Accuracy

Accuracy is the most critical factor in learning to type fast on the keyboard, the wrong writing on the keyboard does not make speed good at all. So you have to focus on accuracy and the correctness of paper and be free of errors before focusing on speed.

And after the user can write with accuracy up to 100%. Then he must start focusing. And training to speed up his writing according to a specific schedule for each training session so that the age of one lesson ranges from 10 minutes to 10 minutes—about an hour.

Muscle Memory Exercise

Having the skill to write quickly on the keyboard. The user had to write continuously and permanently, to improve the memory of the muscles of the hands to reach the correct outlets rapidly. And to achieve this, it is recommended to open an empty text file.

And then start writing any word that comes to the user’s mind without paying attention to the speed of writing. Where you have to focus on reducing the false report on the keyboard.

Another thing that improves the memory of the muscles of the hands in writing is trying to write without looking at the speed of writing. Where you should only focus on reducing the false report on the keyboard.

Another thing that improves the memory of the muscles of the hands in writing is to attempt to write without looking at the keyboard. And if this is difficult at first. You can use the keyboard screen that appears on the user’s device screen to guide you while typing.

Put Fingers Right

The user should put their fingers on the keyboard correctly. The idea is that each finger is responsible for pressing the buttons of one diagonal column on the keyboard except the thumb finger that is used to push the Space button. The following explains a suggested way to place fingers correctly on keyboard buttons.

Bend all the fingers a little and then identify them on what is known as the Home Row on the open panel. The middle row! Place the fingers of the left hand except for the thumb on the characters (a, s, d, f). Place 3 fingers of the right hand except for the thumb button on the characters (j, k, l).

Use the pinky button in both hands to press the Shift key on both ends of the keyboard. Use one of the thumb fingers in either of the user’s hands to press the Space button.


This website provides a writing training tool. The site displays a particular book or part of it. The user must read the book first and then write what he reads accurately. Taking into account the cases of significant and minor characters, punctuation, and others.

The user’s writing speed is assessed when each page is written. So that the next page is not moved until after the completion of the current page.


This website provides a free training course. Received by the user first and step by step to access quick typing on the keyboard. Where you learn how to put fingers correctly on the keyboard and in the most delicate possible details. And if the user completes the course will be able to obtain an electric certificate from the site proving this.

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