Browse Facebook without Registration – Use the people search page. Some information can be viewed on Facebook through the so-called people search page across the site. Use the user’s computer to go to the Facebook home page on the internet, accessed by clicking on the link.

Scroll down the home screen, and then click the people link option, which appears in blue near the bottom of the registration page. Click the search bar shown across the screen to search for people written on it. Writing a specific person’s first and last name on Facebook lets users browse their profile. Write the code that appears on the computer screen to verify that the search is done by a real user, not by software or robots.

Click on the Search option, where all accounts matching the person’s name entered by the user will be searched on Facebook for searching for them. Click on the name of the person’s account to browse some of their information via Facebook.

Use Google Chrome Extensions

What is known as Google Chrome extensions can display images during which a user’s Facebook profile is included. This method is helpful for users who have set their Facebook account privacy settings to be hidden from people who are not on their friend lists. The following steps show how to use picture mate via Google Chrome to browse a particular account via Facebook: Go through Google Chrome to pictureMate’s website.

You can access it by clicking on the following link: Click here. Add pictureMate to Google Chrome extensions through the website open via the user’s device. Restart google chrome browser, where the imageMate extension will appear at the top of one side of the browser screen. Start browsing a user’s Facebook profile. After adding this extension. You can see any photos posted on Facebook to browse their profile included in those photos.

Use Google Search

You can use Google to search for personal accounts or pages via Facebook, as once you create a Facebook account, it allows Google to find that account in searches through it. You can search for google search by entering the account’s user name to be found. Use the phone number or email address associated with that account to search for it.

The following steps show how to use the engine of the account to be found. Google search to find a specific person via Facebook and browse their account: open google search engine via one of the web browsers available on the user’s device. Write the search order ( followed by the username to be searched via Facebook, phone number, or email address.

Choose the name of the person to browse their profile from search options visible via the google search engine screen. And also, it should be noted that that that person’s account information can only be displayed if the account holder does not set privacy controls to restrict what others can see via Facebook. And also, this applies only to personal accounts where business accounts are always available for viewing

Use Social Search Engines

Certain people can be searched and browsed through Facebook through what is known as Social Search Engines. These websites work similarly to how standard search engines work but only specialize in searching through various social media sites.

Including Facebook and social search engines use unique algorithms to search for extensive information about people who have accounts via social media sites. There are many of these engines online, including the engine ( snitch – Name and Social Searcher.

The following steps show how to use Social searchers to search for a particular user via Facebook. And also, browse their profile. Open the Social Searcher website online. And also, which can be accessed. Enter the username to be searched in the search box shown on the site screen.

Identify and account for the search process by entering keywords relevant to the account to be sought, such as education. Place of residence. And also, other information. Choose the version you searched for through the search results shown on the site screen.

Use Facebook Pages

Facebook can be browsed without registration through pages on Facebook. These pages are designed as public platforms through which a particular product, public service. Or a public personality page.

Therefore, everything that exists can be browsed and read via a specific Facebook page file. The user will not be able to write or interact with any comments on the page in any way without logging into their account.

Use the Facebook Guide

What is known as the Facebook Directory can be used to browse Facebook accounts without signing in to them by following the following steps.

Go through one of the internet browsers available on the user’s device to the Facebook Directory page, which can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Click here. Prove that a user is a natural person, not a robot, if claimed by conducting a security check via Facebook.

Start browsing facebook according to what is available to the user. Where you can browse Facebook through the Facebook guide according to three categories.

People: You can search for a particular username and browse some of the information through their account through the list of people. Depending on the privacy setting.

Pages: through the page tab. You can browse a page’s Facebook profile. Whether a business page, a celebrity page, a company page. Or other types of pages via Facebook.

Places: You can search for specific organization venues or nearby events via Facebook through the places category.

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