Social media sites can be defined as a technology that facilitates the exchange of ideas and information through communication

Between virtual communities, relying mainly on the internet-connected to computers, tablets, or phones, and enabling users to quickly access content that may be personal information, documents, videos, or images.

Social media sites are commonly used to interact with friends and family, the number of users of these sites is more than 3 billion worldwide, 90% of whom are between 18 and 29. examples on social media some of the most famous

Examples On Social Media Sites Are


Facebook is presently one of the biggest and most important social media sites, with more than 2 billion users per month and 1 billion daily users. Facebook’s Messenger is the second most popular chat app after WhatsApp.

Twitter Founded in 2006by Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams, Twitter is a huge social platform that provides users with micro-blogging

follow-up people who interest them, allow them to follow the user and post updates in short tweets with the content of no more than 160 characters due to its initial design on SMS.


Created in 2005, YouTube is one of the most popular sites for publishing and watching videos of different content, such as music, handicrafts, sports, talent show, etc.,

A year after its launch, purchased by Google in 2006, it has become one of the platforms used for advertising and earning profits as an alternative to traditional means.


Instagram is one of the greatest social media sites for posting photos, short videos, downloadable and used on computers, tablets, and phones of all kinds;
and was created in 2010 by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, and then in 2012, Kevin Storm sold the site to Facebook for $1 billion.


WhatsApp is one of the very popular chats and chat apps in existence, allowing users to send messages to others individually or in groups, as well as the ability to send photos, videos, and voice messages, and uses your phone number instead of a username, and requires access to the user’s contacts to sync and transmit them to them so that the user can communicate with them easily and quickly.

Other social media programs, which offer users many features and services, include LinkedIn. Snapchat. Tumblr site. Pinterest. Reddit. Flickr. Sina Weibo. TikTok.

Social Media Positives

Social media sites offer many different positives to users, including the ability to communicate with others easily anywhere. The user can share with his old friends or get to know new friends effortlessly.

Speed and ease of communication using apps can be downloaded, install on any mobile device, and used anywhere, anytime. Follow-up is dedicating to news, events, and topics. The user can customize what he follows on social media to get the content that suits him and interests him and quick and direct access to news and information.

Promoting products and services and expanding their business to include the most significant target audiences through social media. have an excellent free time, during breaks and holidays

Social Media Negatives

Despite the many positives of social media, there are many drawbacks facing users of these sites, including privacy violations; the process of posting everything that belongs to the user on these sites may threaten their privacy or may cause them many problems in life or work.

Cyber bullying and self-comparison, as many people suffer from stress, stress, anxiety, and even depression, as a result of what we post on these sites and compare their reality with what they see, or may become the target of people may bully. And also, exploit them through these sites.

Losing real interaction between people and replacing it with online interaction may make online interaction easy. And also, convenient alternative to face-to-face interaction

Distractions: the use of social media on phones can distract users, especially when they do other work and activities such as driving, causing accidents. Irregular sleep, light from electronic devices can cause disturbances during sleep, affecting their productivity and training during the next day.

Number Of Social Media Users

The number of users can arrange some networking sites until month 1 of 2019: Facebook: has 2.27 billion users. Youtube: it has 1.9 billion users. Whatsapp has 1.5 billion users. Messenger: has 1.3 billion users. Instagram: it has 1 billion users.

Instructions To Use Social Media

Sites securely with the increasing use of social media sites. Some tips need to apply to make use safe, including using strong passwords, preferably a long password. And also, combining numbers, letters, and special symbols, to be strong and more unassailable.

Use a different password for each application or account from social media accounts. Activate binary verification settings (English: Two-factor verification). Non-acceptance of friendship requests that appear to be anonymous or false.

Don’t open unreliable links or links from people you don’t know, as most social media accounts are hacked through links.

Pay attention to information shared on social media. Disclosure of sensitive personal information such as a home address, financial information, or telephone number is not desirable. However, Would you please read the privacy policies of social media channels as they occur constantly?

Therefore, Adjust privacy settings to control what we share with the public. Lock your computer and smart devices by installing antivirus software. And also, Sign out of the account when you’re done.

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