iTunes is one of apple’s global applications, characterized by the quality of its products, the features of privacy and security for its users; this app can be downloaded on computers, mobile phones are available with many operating systems such as ios and mic windows, and apple provides all users with the opportunity to protect iTunes free of charge from its online stores, or by visiting its website, and offers a service to buy and download Music, tv shows, cassettes, movies, and Music through it, as well as connect media folders multiple on your device in this app.

iTunes Page Components

The iTunes library consists of Music, movies. Tv shows remain used to link folders to the app. playlists—your registered account on iTunes. A unique engine to search the app. is the iTunes store, through which the app can remain updated and upgraded to a new version. The latest shows the various apps you can download.

How To Make A Free iTunes

WE WRITE IN THE APP SEARCH ENGINE AT THE TOP RIGHT OF THE PAGE THE WORD FREE, AND A SMALL BOX WILL APPEAR. Click on Create New Account, and it means creating a new account. Fill in the following data: e-mail, pin, confirmation of number again, write down the security question and answer it, the day and month of your birth, which the app needs to complete the account work, and then press the continue button. A new screen with data required by iTunes shows the first name, last name, location, phone number, and on the same page from the top, choose a None payment method, which means working for free without a credit card press the continue button. A message appears in your e-mail verification process; press the Done button.

A Computer Licensing Method For iTunes

Click on the store from the toolbar and choose from an authorized computer. We write an e-mail in the Apple Id box and the PIN in the password box. Click on the authorize button, license iTunes to play music folders through it. Link folders to the iTunes library; we create a new folder on a computer disk and call it multimedia. We create new folders inside it and let it be Music, videos, photos, and tones, known as subsumes.

Choose Music from the library list, go to file from the toolbar, and choose add folder to the library. We go to the place where we created the sub-folders, choose the music folder, press the select folder button, and repeat the process in all the sub-folders we want to link from iTunes.

iTunes Card

Moreover, the iTunes card can remain defined as a card used to buy apps, games, books, Music in an easy, orderly, and problem-free manner, and anything else available in the apple store. The iTunes card is available in most shops. Still, this card cannot remain used without an active user account in the apple store, and each iTunes card must remain linked to its user country.

However, if the user is an American national, they must purchase an iTunes card, and if Britain is British, he must buy a British card. So, the iTunes card is available in the shops in multiple and different categories, including:$10, $15, $25, $50, and $100.

The user can buy these cards from many places, including apple distributors accredited in the user’s country, and can also remain purchased from any store dedicated to selling apple products. Many people need to know how to recharge the iTunes card after use, and in this article, we will clarify the most critical points when charging an iTunes card.

How To Charge Your iTunes Card

Although to fill out and recharge your iTunes card, follow the following steps: initially, the user must go to his or her apple store account and sign in to the report. The user must go to the “Featured” option, which remains located at the bottom left of the user account page, at which point the username “Apple ID” will appear, and if the name does not appear, the user must sign in to his account again. The redeem option means replacing or shipping, and you must click on this option to send the card. The user must type the code for the user’s card.

Therefore, the iTunes card offers many features to its users. In addition to being considered valid for all ages, especially for children, it does not require the person to have a bank account or visa card. This card is safe in terms of use when given to someone else, it contains a certain and specified balance, but it also defects. It requires the user to have an American account. The user can make his account American by clicking on account options and transferring the report to an American version.

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