The iPad is a beautiful and modern device and can be downloaded from all programs and through it can communicate with people and photography. And video is a treasure for many features and advantages but what do we do if its screen is broken or broken here we start with sadness. And cups my brother do not worry about the screen and here are the ways to fix it:-

The iPad is an Apple-designed, marketed tablet manufactured by Foxconn. Released in April 2010 with an iOS operating system (similar to Linux). And supporting its multi-touch screen. And running several types of media. Including newspapers, magazines, digital books, textbooks, video, music, games, and all iPhone software, two versions of the device have a third-generation version, Wi-Fi and wi-fi only.

The iPad was launched in the USA on April 3, 2010 (wi-fi version). On April 30, 2010, the Wi-Fi and 3G version remained introduced in the United States with a contract with AT&T as an exclusive third-generation iPad service operator.

It was launched globally on Friday, May 28, in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Italy. In addition, Japan, Spain, Switzerland. And the United Kingdom completed its launch in Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico. The Netherlands, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Operating System

like the iPhone, the iPad runs ios with many changes in interface measurements to fit the latter’s screen. Settings, for example, display a list of the complete setup programs on the left on the same screen as you do your work on one of them. While the iPhone displays the settings or setup menu separately due to the size of the screen.


The iPad comes with preloaded company-made apps: Safari (browser), mail, photos, video, youtube, iPod, iTunes, app store, maps, notes, calendar, and contacts.

iPhone apps will also work either extended to fit its size or measure the iPhone screen inside the iPad to occupy space in the middle of the screen.

For software designed for the device (i.e., running on an iPad only), according to apple. The store has 40,000 applications of its own ranging from software to games.

Box • detailed article: inbox, an ios app announced on January 27, 2010. Contains a digital book store and browses it after purchase. Support for a change in versions of its system up to 3.2.2. The iPad supports English reading and is not included in the languages available for the interface or keyboard.


Many websites (internet localization) reported that it sold 600 to 700,000 units of the device on the first day. Still, according to the official source (apple). More than 300,000 devices (wi-fi version) they sell on the first day of its launch in the united states (April 3). And also, the number includes pre-bookings from apple’s website and sales of the device from its stores and best pay stores.

With sales as of April 8 reaching 450,000 the machine completed a million units sold by May 1. So, 59 days after the launch apple announced that it had sold two million units of the iPad at a rate of one every 3 seconds at an estimated rather than the real rate. Finally, on June 22, Apple announced that it had sold 3 million devices from its iPad product.

iPad 2

The second-generation iPad, at the YBCA Contemporary Art Hall and was launched on the U.S. market. The new device comes with Apple’s 1GHz dual-core A5 processor. Two front and rear cameras, black and white, provides a 4G version of Verizon’s 4G network. And also, Directs video to 1080p TV reduces its thickness by 33%, and weighs more lightly by more than 15%

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