Technical World – Technology or technology is an English word, meaning arts and crafts, or study and science. This definition results from language books, dictionaries, and the meaning of technology in scientific and cognitive applications that serve all sciences, groups. Or individuals in their inventions and discoveries.

Development and Renovation

Intending to facilitate life, satisfy desires, and meet needs, these techniques came as a need for a human being who has suffered long ago to get food, clothing, and shelter. He invented tools and machines using the materials available to him to bring comfort. Developed these machines, and also worked to extract and discover the energy inherent in those materials. And then employed them in many works, and did not stop there but continued development and renovation, to save time and effort, including these techniques.

Various energy sources, modern means of communication, various electronics techniques, and in general technical includes the tool, method, references. And roads, old and contemporary, to get a product that serves the human need, people see technology is what we are experiencing today, but this development, which was limited to the age in which we live, is called “industrial technology.”

The World Of Technology

The technological World includes the definition of the technology mentioned above. With the places, ages, applications, developments, methods, information, and sources that contributed to the technology reaching this extent.

And also the effectiveness of individuals with this technique and the various sciences that contributed to its technical development, such as medical, military, scientific, and engineering sciences. The technological world is a vast world that no one can delve into without specific, precise tools.

Technical Features

the technology originated 200 years ago, developed rapidly, and its beginning coincided with the discovery of steam engines and powered machines and the need for large quantities of goods and services.

And these technologies had a beautiful impact on human life. The materials and services became accessible to all. And individuals can travel at any time and at any time.

These techniques have provided methods and means of entertainment and enjoyment in leisure. Such as television and radio. One of the most important technologies that influenced human life is the invention of the telephone, development, and development.

He needed the creation of the internet that helped achieve the goals quickly and easily. what was impossible in the past and entered into science fiction 100 years ago, and today it became a living reality. It has become easy to overcome hunger. There are cures for many diseases, prevention. And also, man could exchange goods and goods quickly and easily. And the man reached outer space, and the moon stepped forward.

Technical Disadvantages

Some of the side effects of Technical World. Such as water and air pollution resulting from the presence of factories have been negative. Technological development has contributed to the creation of various and deadly weapons that kill human beings and have made humans in some countries idler and sicker as a result of extreme comfort.


Therefore, Technical World is worth mentioning that science was embodied through techniques, not invented by methods. since no man knows the characteristics of matter. But plans have made theoretical sciences modern techniques. The example knew the iron man.

And with the presence of contemporary technology, discovered nuclear energy. Made spacecraft, and traveled to the World and outer space.

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