Internet is a network that connects computers, Phones at any time and from anywhere in the world to send and receive information between them of any kind, such as text, graphics, audio or image, or even electronic software, through specialized servers and guidance.

And through the use of particular protocols for each of them a specific function in sending and receiving different digital data packets, which ip protocol is dominant and most important among them, and can To say that the Internet is a global network that operates less than a second to send and receive information. The Internet is based on advanced research projects established by the U.S.

Department of Defense in the 1960s to conduct military research among government companies known as ARPAnet, and today all countries of the world on the Internet, which is not the exclusive domain of a particular entity, as high-speed fiber optics that would pass internet data over devices are initially the property of telephone companies in the country concerned.

History Of The Internet

the Internet has changed over the years and aided the spread of the Internet the significant development and rapid growth of the pc market in the 1980s.

The Internet emerged in the early 1990s, making internet browsing more straightforward and accessible to all people worldwide. Man has become dependent on the Internet in many of his life affairs for its multiple benefits, is a quick service in accessing information.

And is characterized by the abundance of information available on related sites; the Internet has also allowed many people to escape from their reality, and complicated lives to the virtual world, and the impact of the Internet on the bacillus has become no less than that of drugs, creating many social risks and bodily harm.

Internet Damage And Risks

Scientists have found that the Net has many harms that may occur if misused or overused. And from the disadvantages of the Internet:

The Prevalence Of Cybercrime:

As additional use of the Internet, it is easier for professionals to access personal information about certain people, family members. And illegal use of such information. Criminals can engage in criminal acts through websites without fear of censorship.

Addiction And Waste Of Time:

People are addicted to the Internet in various ways, some of them are addicted to games designed to be addicted to them. And these games can be self-destructive without sensation. One whitethorn start using the Net to do somewhat useful and use one’s time for its benefit. Still, with the many distractions available on the Internet, one becomes distracted and wastes one’s time.

Inability to Break Away from Work:

The internet service has given an individual the ability to work from anywhere, at any time. And has made him available at all times; one may be sitting at home receiving an email asking him to perform a job-related task and ending up doing the job without receiving any additional money.

Many Health Problems:

the Internet can lead to obesity complications due to idleness and lack of movement. An unhealthy lifestyle and excessive internet use can lead to wrist problems or so-called wrist tunnels due to excessive mouse use or continuous keyboard use.
Exploitation and Presentation of Pornography:

it has become easy for people to harm each other and for someone to impersonate another individual to exploit and abuse the opposite party. Whether of another sex or the same sex. In addition to the proliferation of sites containing indecent and pornographic materials that minors can easily access either intentionally or accidentally. Leading to severe social and psychological problems.

Too Many Ads:

Ads have become accessible to post and broader than traditional means. It results in ads becoming a source of inconvenience for one to receive many of them on their email and see more on social media.

Buying Things Without the Need for Them:

The Internet is easy to shop online. Where you can shop through different locations without having to get out of the house. Which has made one spend your money on things you don’t need, and that can develop into an addiction to e-shopping and individuals may fall into debt as a result.

Depression and Isolation:

Many social media sites cause individuals to be isolated from social life and thus feel lonely and isolated from the disabled and friends.

Negative Impact on Focus:

Websites provide information instantly to the user and can go from one site to another. thus receiving different information and shifting focus from one location to another very quickly. Which later leads to a dispersion of stress and reduced human patience day by day.

Internet Damage to Students

The Net is a vast source of info. If the student misses his lesson, they can get information through educational websites where parents provide the Internet for their children to study. And also, collect the information required for research.

Still, the damage lies in the inability of students to resist temptations on the Internet, so they start to distract from different games and videos and chat with each other. Thus deviating from the primary goal for which they use the Internet. So parents must monitor their children and continue their studies on the Internet, and prevent inappropriate sites that would affect the analysis of their children. Their future and their behaviors.

Internet Damage to Work and Public

Life on the Internet reduces productivity at work because of its temptations and sources of self-entertainment. As companies today offer the opportunity to browse through different websites for employees at any time. Suppose this is not available on the organization’s computers.

In that case, it is available on their mobile devices. Unlike in the past limited browsing, employees’ use of the Internet was limited to exchanging emails and discussing plans and work-related matters. And the ability of employees to enter to various websites they waste their time. Become unable to focus and thus reduce their productivity at work.

Online Addiction

Recent studies and research have shown that internet addiction has become a reality. And psychiatrists have begun to study the subject of online addiction in earnest. Setting up specialized centers in this regard and educating people about the harms caused by excessive use of the Internet.

The Internet is a medical condition that results in behavior disorders. This can be inferred through several things. The most important of which is the increase in the number of hours an individual spends in front of a computer over time.

Scientists have divided online addiction into five primary types:

Knowledge Addiction:

One’s will to get rid of the knowledge on the Internet and then dazzle him with the vast amount of information. Which leads to spending many hours browsing and forgetting the main things of life.

Chat Addiction:

Where an individual begins to dispense with their life, genuine relationships, enter the internet world, and build electronic relationships.

Gaming Addiction:

So, it means playing electronic games extravagantly and neglecting your primary duties in life as your homework. And you can also neglect your studies and work.

Financial Addiction:

To act with your money through it in things they don’t need. Such as participation in financial markets, auctions, gambling, etc.

The Prevention of Online Addiction

Although, It is the accountability of parents, teachers, and the entire mental health community of individuals . And café owners who provide this service 24 hours a day. Individuals must be made aware of this subject. To protect individuals from the risk of online addiction. They must organize working hours or leisure hours to be only two hours a day.

So, parents must follow their children in terms of the period of use of the Internet and the nature of their use. What programs they use and guide them to value. And purposeful sites and cafes that provide the service throughout the day should prohibit unethically. And also, unhelpful sites and set a timetable for internet use per capita.

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