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Security write for us

Security write for us

Security write for us: Security is protection from, or pliability against, the potential damage caused by others by restraining the freedom of others to act. Beneficiaries of Security may be persons and social groups, objects and institutions, ecosystems, or any other entity or phenomenon vulnerable to unwanted change.

What is Security?

Security Looking for a new and exciting place to showcase your Security? You’ve arrived at the correct location! Security Magazine is the unique, hottest Security news outlet and magazine. We are only accepting EXCLUSIVE Securityarticles that have NEVER been published anywhere else. By submitting your article, you give Security periodical exclusive ownership of this content.

Get all the latest advice and news covering security management, including access rights, endpoint security, firewalls, intrusion prevention/detection, network access control, monitoring, and wireless Security.

What topics can you write about?

This website is on the security side, but you can approach it with different names and angles. Here are some categories you might consider writing about:

Pro Tips: Articles that teach people how to get ahead in security/technology. They can be employees, managers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, students, etc.

Personal branding: presenting yourself as an expert in your security career. This can include blogging, public probation, reviews, GitHub usage, LinkedIn tips, YouTube channels, podcasts, etc.

Technology Breakdowns: Pieces that explain dissimilar types of security/IT technology, how it is used, best practices, and how to learn it.

Learning Tutorials: Learning new technologies can be very difficult due to how quickly things change; Articles explaining new attack methodologies, new learning platforms, or tutorials will be welcome.

Motivational: Dealing with failure, impostor syndrome, stress, toxic partners, dating, etc. You can expect a safety professional to address any psychological issues at the start and end of the job.

Innovation & Tech News: Articles on startups, tech, military contracts, etc. that will affect the security landscape.

Lifestyle Articles refer to fitness, finances, diets, and any other content contributing to a person’s overall well-being.

These topics cover a wide range of areas, but they should all come back to the website’s central theme, security, or at the very least, technology. Pair example:

Instead of writing about finding your voice as a woman in the workplace instead of speaking as a woman in a male-dominated security team.

I encourage anyone with a topic that isn’t necessarily related to security or technology to check out the list above and find a niche that might apply. We accept a significant event with themes adapted not to be accessible to the public.

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