Mobile Harassment – After mobile phones became an essential element in human life, users increased significantly. People have negatively taken advantage of this communication development by busying mobile phone users with useless things that can damage their time and money.

Troublemakers use multiple mobile methods to achieve specific goals, for example: making mock calls for entertainment, threatening a mobile phone user, and forcing them to make decisions that can benefit and harm the annoying. The mobile phone user is inspired by false facts or news to trap him in the trap of fraud.
They are blackmailing a mobile phone user. Send false or uns important advertising messages. And other kinds of inconveniences and harassment that have opened the world of communications, any mobile phone user must take precautions and learn how to avoid these risks.

It should be noted that mobile phone disturbances may develop and become threats to the lives and security of victims; the threat over the phone may draw the victim into a deadly trap, or sexually blackmailed persons may commit suicide because they can’t meet the aggressor’s demands.

Therefore, anyone who has felt threatened for their lives and security because of these actions must inform the applicable security authorities as soon as possible to ensure the necessary protection for him and his family and hold the aggressor accountable for what they deserve.

Types of Mobile Phone Harassment

Due to the development of mobile phones and the increasing number of applications used in them, there have been many types of harassment that can be exploited, it is divided into two main branches of mobile phones: harassment by message (including conversation applications), and harassment through communication, each with methods of exploitation and types of damage to the victim.

Harassment through messages includes SMS harassment and harassment through chat apps such as Whatsapp; the aggressor constantly sends disturbing, threatening, or propaganda messages to the victim.

Harassment through communication includes the usual communication methods as well as applications of communication through the internet, including what is only by voice and image, and the latter is the most dangerous since the aggressor can know the form of the victim, in which case the aggressor contacts, deceives or threatens the victim.

Block Annoying Numbers

Perhaps one of the top ways to avoid harassment over a mobile phone is to secure the number that causes inconvenience. Some telecommunications companies provide blocking numbers and the possibility of separating the annoying number from the service.

Such solutions may be forced by owners of old mobile phones that do not support the blocking of numbers. Before you start taking technical steps to solve this problem, informing the subscriber services center of the telecommunications company is preferable.

First, you should know the source and type (messages or communications).

Steps to Block Numbers from Phone Settings

Number blocking depends on the type and operating system of the mobile phone, so you should know whether the version of the operating system used supports this feature and whether it needs to remain updated to support it.

Android Operating System

The android version should support this feature, in addition to the fact that many manufacturers of android phones add this feature even if it is not supported by the android system used, and is as follows:

Go to the contact list.

Proceed to settings through this list (usually found through an icon with three vertical points). Run for the connection option. Click on the Call Rejection option. Access to the Auto rejects list option. Add the desired number to block it.

iOS Operating System

Not all versions of iOS support blocking numbers, but only starting with the seventh version (iOS 7). And all newer versions, as follows:

go for settings. Go for phone settings. Press the blocked option. Add the desired number to stop it.

Block Numbers by Applying TrueCaller

TrueCaller is available for many operating systems for used phones, supporting popular operating systems such as Android and iOS, an app to identify the caller’s name without pre-saving this number, and contains several other features, including number blocking.

This method remains used in the mobile phone does not support the number blocking feature, as follows: install the TrueCaller application. Open the TrueCaller application. Choose the call from the desired number to stop it. Choose the blocking option at the top of the screen so the block icon resembles the block signal.

Taking Legal Action Against Troublemakers

Although, through previous operations, the prohibition of unwanted numbers has remained carried out. It would help if you did that in the case of constant and repeated harassment from a particular phone number. The mobile phone user can report the number owner to the police who does such acts.

The police will take compulsory measures to prevent him from continuing his harassment. Especially since when some people find out that mobile phone user has made a ban on their calls. They may try to call and annoy from numbers other than their banned numbers. And here remains the best solution to report them to the police so that they remain legally prevented. And take the punishment they deserve for disturbing and harassing others.

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