Mobile Usage Damage – the significant growth and growing demand for mobile phones indicate their success, but this does not mean the full benefit. As mobiles have health and socially adverse health and impacts, and this is an explanation.

Health Damage to Mobile Use

Users’ concerns about health phone damage are of great interest, so researchers have taken care to study the impact of phone use on people’s health.

Their research focuses on the presence of germs, traffic accidents, cancer, the impact of electromagnetic radiation. As well as the change in sleep habits, and the most significant health damage to mobile users on the individual:

It may be due to individuals not washing their hands with soap and water after using the bathroom—another study of some students from the University of South Columbia.

In the environmental health course. They surveyed a sample of 60 mobile phones belonging to students and found that the phones were contaminated with methicillin-resistant gold cluster maca.

Health Problems

Mobile phones communicate with major stations using radiofrequency radiation (RF). If RF radiation is high to a certain degree, it means a thermal effect and thus raises body temperature.

There are concerns that low radiofrequency radiation emitted by mobile phones can cause headaches or brain tumors.

Mobile impact on the eye: Phone radiation affects the vision because of the blue light emitted by smartphones, television. And others have a short, high-energy wavelength and are more easily dispersed than other visible-light colors.

Since computer screens and digital devices emit a lot of this light, unfoliamented visual noise can make your to eye stress, as well as other common signs of eye stress:

Headaches, blurred vision, neck, and shoulder pain. According to The Vision Council, 27% to 35% of Americans suffer from one of these symptoms after using digital devices.

Traffic Accidents

Studies confirm that using a phone while driving increases the risk of traffic accidents, so some countries such as Australia have been alerted. Considering it illegal to talk mobile and hold a hand while going.

Social Damage to Mobile Use

The adverse social effects of mobile are numerous, with the most prominent of these effects. The impacts of mobile use on children and adolescents

Giving phones to children is an easy way for many parents to keep their children from disturbing them all the time. Yet, this method can have disastrous consequences for children, affecting their development and connectivity to their parents, according to dr. Jenny Radecki, a pediatrician at Boston medical center, lack of interaction between parents and children can lead to developmental problems. And internet access enables children to access sites easily.

Result of mobile use in education: children and adolescents are more likely to be distracted by mobile phones. Where phones provide students with entertainment in classrooms and outside school, as some use them within the school by playing games. And also, sending messages.

Or even contacting other people, which has adverse effects, according to the national school safety. And also, security services text messages can be a way to help students cheat.  The mobile cameras can be used to film exams and photograph other students in a way that violates privacy. Hat show inappropriate content for their age. It can harm their psyche and ideas.

The impact of mobile use on crime: there are many harmful mobile phone effects on offense. As smartphone prices rise dramatically, some people resort to stealing them if they can’t afford them. According to the fcc, nearly a million smartphone thefts occur every year in the United States. Using confidential information contained by thieves to steal their owner’s identity and use personal information to open new accounts or buy real estate.

Mobile Use Tips

Here is a range of tips for using your mobile phone correctly: avoid using it during meetings, put it on silent mode and lose notifications after the session is over. Avoid writing text messages in front of others.

Please don’t put a Tag on someone in your photos or share things with them without their permission.

Put the phone in the pocket while eating, drinking tea, and sitting with friends. Try to speak quietly on the phone so that other people don’t get upset or getaway a little far away to talk freely on the phone.

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