The Hallmark network is among a few dependable networks in the United States, where you can access both movies and TV shows that are rich in terms of entertainment. No matter what you may be in the mood for, you are likely to find a relevant title worth watching for it.

And Optimum TV understands that all its viewers would want this TV channel in their cable TV subscription. Thus, we thought to give you a brief introduction on how you can watch the Hallmark channel on the Optimum service, along with some exciting titles worth checking out on the channel. So, let’s get started:

Why Watch Hallmark?

Hallmark is one of the most popular TV channels across the United States. This is because, to date, Hallmark follows strict censorship and offers highly entertaining content that the whole family may watch. The network further offers sister channels that are dedicated to specific genres to cater to all kinds of viewers.

What Channel is Hallmark on Optimum?

Similar to a few other networks in the United States, Hallmark also offers different sister channels that offer a more filtered selection for viewers to watch. And fortunately, all channels follow the same code that the primary channel does. These are the channel numbers on Optimum TV that you can access the Hallmark TV channels on:

  • Hallmark Channel – 191
  • Hallmark Drama – 189
  • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries – 193

What to Watch on Hallmark?

While the titles available on the Hallmark network are all worth watching, there are a few titles in the mix that are a must-watch for all viewers. Here they are:

A Royal Winter

Since the winter season is upon us, this is the perfect movie to watch right now. A Royal Winter tells the story of a woman named Maggie (portrayed by Merritt Patterson), who goes to Europe for the winter holidays.

Little does she know that a handsome gentleman named Adrian (portrayed by Jack Donnelly) is there waiting for her, who will take her on a journey full of love, magic, and unimaginable experiences. Other supporting cast members include Samantha Bond, Rhea Bailey, and Cian Barry.

A Very Merry Mix-Up

Christmas holidays are incomplete without watching the perfect Christmas movie. A Very Merry Mix-Up tells the tale of Alice (portrayed by Alicia Witt), a bride-to-be, who is on her way to meet her future parents-in-law. However, she ends up reaching the wrong home.

Though, this confusion leads her to bond with a sweet couple, who happen to have a charming son of their own. And this happy confusion is how she spends her Christmas holidays. Other noteworthy actors in this film are Mark Wiebe, Lawrence Dane, Scott Gibson, and a few others.

If I Only Had Christmas

The third holiday movie worth tuning into on Hallmark is this gem. Starring Candace Cameron Bure and Warren Christie, the movie revolves around a publicist’s efforts to save a local charity in need.

This she does with the help of a contemptuous vice president and his team while trying to bury her personal views about them. Other actors supporting these two leads are JordanaLargy, Brenda Crichlow, Robert Markus, and some others.

Bundles Worth Subscribing to on Optimum

There are several bundled deals offered by Optimum. However, not all are focused on offering a rich TV experience, rather focus on the internet service. The plans you should check out are:

Internet 300 + Core TV

This plan offers the best of both worlds since it offers a speedy internet service with up to 300 Mbps of download speed. And the TV channel lineup is the thing you would love as it offers more than 220 amazing TV channels, and Hallmark channels are among them. Not to mention the plethora of additional features that come with it.

Internet 500 + Select TV

The other bundled plan that you could opt for is this, where not only the internet speeds are upgraded but the TV channel lineup grows significantly as well. The TV channel lineup crosses the figure of 340, whereas internet speeds go as high as up to 500 Mbps.

On a Final Note

Now that we have guided you on where and what to watch on the Hallmark network, it is your turn to contact the Optimum customer service team for an instant subscription so that you may start watching your favorite content.

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