Television will have some pros and cons. It is one of the most significant technological inventions update of the 20th century, and tv has many positives, including television as a means of learning, with many educational and ethical channels for both children and adults, with educational media for children offering programs that mix entertainment with education at the same time.

Television Pros

TV is a way to keep the child busy and quiet. The father and mother can keep their children alive watching tv in what is valuable and valuable and fully protected, enabling them to perform their homework quietly. Television empowers an individual to learn about current events around the world constantly. Tv is an available and cheap entertainment.

Some tv shows increase one’s awareness of the world around it and your knowledge and culture. Some tv shows motivate one to follow the path of fulfilling one’s dreams and ambitions.

Television provides an easy way to learn different and new life skills in many areas; for example, there are cooking channels, various programs that offer advice on finances and investment, and some programs that help manage the house. Television can be a way to learn a different new language.

Television lets you learn about new cultures, and some tv shows explain a lot about the world around us and help you think differently and newly.

It gives the many individual memories shared with the family, especially when the family meets to follow a program or film.

Tv helps you get rid of loneliness while watching a favorite movie or tv show. TV may have an important role to play in promoting an individual’s health; for example, one can exercise while watching their favorite program without getting bored or tired. Some advertising channels provide different tools and devices that can purchase with the company or manufacturer.

Television Cons

There are many drawbacks of television that affect in many ways, and can summarize as follows: television can negatively affect individuals’ health, with some studies showing a close relationship between tv addiction and obesity, and can cause sleep disorders, stress, and reduced concentration.

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between right and wrong in what is shown on TV. It is possible to learn on television things with severe consequences. TV can take on the role of family and friends and keep the individual isolated from society.

Television programs often depict scenes of violence, crime, and sexual matters that negatively affect children’s minds.

Particularly aggressive scenes, where studies have shown a relationship between watching violence on television and aggression that begins in childhood.

It continues into adulthood and may end up in prison or hospital due to the blind imitation of what is seen on television.

TV can be a waste of time, especially if there is no specific program that one would like to watch. You end up wasting one’s time flipping between channels, rather than physical activity.

Reading, doing much other work and homework, enriching hobbies, etc.

Television can shock some, especially those who take everything that happens in the scenes shown seriously.

Like emotional trauma when losing a fictitious friendship with a specific tv personality.

The hidden agenda of many media materials on television targets the recipient for their interests and advertisements for attractive foods that harm health. Some television programs show only superficial things without going into the facts, making the individual’s thinking somewhat simple.

The programs conducted are usually short and heavily interspersed with advertisements rather than penetrating rich and valuable dialogues. Some programs display useless and useless content.

Review Television Pros and Cons.

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