Technocracy is a word of Greek origin, consisting of two words: techno, meaning art, democracy, meaning governance, and therefore the meaning of the word artistic judgment, i.e., which is associated with a group of people specializing in a field, such as economists, doctors, writers, etc., who can face politicians.

The concept of the term technocracy dates back to America, adopted by the economist violence, and laid the foundations for technocratic theory in the first quarter of the 20th century, when America was suffering from the global recession, emerging in 1932 the technocratic movement.

Which has an interest in relying on social and economic influences rather than old political opinions, which contributes to the emergence of the term technocracy, which relied on the role of economists in expressing their views on the style of governance in America.

Technocracy established a set of original laws, which relied on integrating both economic and social thought.

On the principle that politicians cannot understand financial matters, they have to stay away from making any monetary decisions.

And make economic scientists and thinkers make them put every economic decision in its proper place.

Technocratic Roles

It is a set of functions and methods adopted by technocracy in managing the most critical areas within the state.

So, states that apply the concept of technocratic rule rely on three leading roles:

Economic Role

An essential role in technocracy, which it relies on in the study of the economic state of the technocratic state.

Economist Howard Scott contributed to developing the economic theories that characterized this role.

And also, studied scarcity to examine the lack of products.

It is witnessing a rise in the price when its production rate decreases. Its price decreases when its production rate increases.

So Scott was keen to develop alternative theories that contribute to technocracy’s application to regulate production processes.

Social Role

The philosopher Claude drovers contributed to linking technocracy with sociology by making power coupled between the system of government and society.

Considering individuals working in productive professions as part of the authority.

So he felt that the power of government should be in the hands of intellectuals and scientists and considering that the concept of management links to the technical matters of control of means of production to achieve social goals.

It contributes to the development of civilization.

Political Role

It is one of the roles that is used by some countries of the world in applying them to their governments, to conclude a new concept based on technocratic thought, namely, Information the technocratic government.

And to identify it as a government based on the selection of a group of competent people.

Who does not go to any political party?

The ministerial portfolios distribute to ministers based on their degrees, scientific experience, not their political thinking.

For example, the ministry of health grants a doctor, the ministry of justice to a judge, the ministry of education to a university lecturer, and the ministry of economy to economic expert.

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