Remove Spyware And Viruses

Windows 7 uses the finest way to fight viruses is to avoid them by running the antivirus software and making it work as soon as the computer remains connected to the internet. Do a deep search for viruses at least once a week. Search for malware, such as spyware and malware, which remain installed behind the scenes;

Improving Startup

Optimize Startup can be Enhanced by:

Remove unnecessary programs from Startup, and many programs start installing plugins on your computer once you start. These programs can remain removed by placing the mouse pointer in the bottom corner of the left of the screen, zooming in on the code box to see all the programs that start working with windows, and then deleting unnecessary programs. Remove invisible programs by opening the Start menu, writing the command (Msconfig) in the search box, pressing the Enter button, selecting and deleting non-important programs, but paying attention not to delete essential Windows software.

Update Physical Parts

Physical Parts Can Be Updated By:

Install more ram space, windows 7 requires at least one GB, and for better performance, it remains recommended to install two GB or more; if the windows widows version is 7-32 bit, it is best to use four GB. Install a new processor, which is more critical than increasing memory size.

Speeding Up the Windows 7

These Steps Can Speed Up Your Computer:

Delete temp files, history, and cookies periodically. When done using it, please turn off the computer, and don’t let it work for days. Uninstall unused software. Empty the trash periodically.

Find Resource-Consuming Programs And Applications

Computers have many applications that consume resources significantly, slowing it down; for example, if the device becomes suddenly slow, one of the programs used uses the CPU resources in the device by 99%. These programs are determined by following the following steps:[1] press the right mouse button to open the menu. Click on the taskbar option, and then select task manager. Press the CPU, memory, and disk to sort the list and get more resource-consuming applications. Choose the application to finish its task, and click on the end task option to close it.

Disabling Unused Software of Windows 7

the computer downloads many programs when it is first run. Some of these programs remain not used, so it remains recommended to go to the device manager option in the start menu and search for unused applications. The Bluetooth controllers, modems, and wi-fi adapters remain the most prominent, so it remains recommended to disable them by pressing the application to remain disabled using the right mouse button and then pressing the option of disabling.

Windows 7 Antivirus  Stabilization

the presence of viruses on computers slows down, so it remains recommended to check the antivirus definitions on the device, make sure that it is up to date. Then the malware on the device should remain fully cleared. To ensure that the device does not infect any viruses, it remains recommended to download and install antivirus software available on the internet.

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