The robot has made the world see a significant acceleration in scientific progress in recent decades, with many technological developments, including the robot industry, or so-called robot, daily. The robot can remain defined as a computerized mechanical. An electronic machine that possesses artificial intelligence, makes decisions and accomplishes tasks difficult for a human to perform. The robot uses video cameras used in television photography, controlled by radio waves, and the primitive computer inside it could achieve about a quarter of a million calculations per second. Despite its limited performance, it was classified as the first electronic human to use artificial intelligence globally.

Android Technology

A robot is a group of mechanical cutting connected to some upgraded devices. According to its software, it contributes to complete control. A machine capable of accomplishing work complex for a person to do. It is one of the essential tools that help us organize our lives. It enters most aspects and controls them effectively. For example, intervened in factories by establishing electromagnetic mechanisms to regulate the functioning of wor. Still, this revolution has never only been at this level. Still, it has spread to institutions through intelligent computers for collection, subtraction, and calculation of materials entering, outbound, imported, exported, and imported, and entered into many large courts, military institutions, and civil systems, which made them of great benefit to them. Very organized, arranged, and under-efforts.

Robot History

The history of the robot is not very recent as the first robot was made in the 89th century by a baker in an area called yamalay in northern Japan and was not significant because of its failures and poor work. Then the world witnessed a remarkable development in the early 1990s in the invention of the robot. It was a small machine programmed and controlled until it became active and self-developed. By increasing its software and cutting, some controls have remained changed, making them gain intelligence in the industry and formulate their own business.

The Origin Of The Word Robot

the word robot appeared in 1990 for the first time in the play of the Czech writer carl Chapek, entitled men and drawings of the world mechanism.

The word robot in the Czech language symbolizes the hard work that can not stand carried out or forced work. The creator of this word, joseph Chapek, invented it to help his brother create a name for live machines in the theatrical work. And from this date was the beginning of that word and began to spread in science fiction books and films presented over the years several ideas. And perceptions and their relationship to man. They planted in the inventors and opened up great horizons to invent and develop these machines as much as possible.

Making A Simple

Get metal to create a structure like cartons. Take a small motor for a car—a stone battery. Add four wheels. The capacitor and jp remain connected inside the tv screen circuit. Assemble the structure in the form of a rectangle, then pierce it. And put a small iron rod with its serrated inside and wheel mesh and the motor on it. And network the battery stone with wires on it and then put the capacitor GB and is controlled by remote control of any old tv and thus the unwanted material stands utilized.

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