Input Units

The Physical Components of the Computer: Input Devices are the units used in the Computer to enter data and information into the device. And also, in what comes a number of these units and their respective functions in the Computer:

The keyboard is the most famous component of computer data entry of characters, numbers, etc., and resembles a typewriter with some additional buttons in its design.

The mouse controls the cursor’s movement, including a right button, a left button, and a small wheel between the buttons.

Scanner: We use this component to enter paper information into the Computer for processing in the CPU and enter images of the Computer to edit them.

We use a microphone to enter audio into a computer. And also, convert it into digital data.

Moreover, A digitizer uses to convert images and graphical data into dual inputs to process them.

Output Units

Output Devices are the external electronic parts of the computer that are used to convert data inside the Computer for readable data, whether in the form of text, images, sounds, or videos and in what comes a number of these components. And also, the function of each of them:

Screen: Monitors; the screen is an essential component of the Computer, and the device cannot be complete without it, which is the basis for displaying visual information.

Printer: The screen uses to convert digital and electronic data into hard copies.

We can use the plotter to print drawings and images in high quality. It differs from the printer to print on cardboard, cloth. And also, several different synthetic materials.

Speaker: This component is used to remove audio from your Computer, with the voice card already in the Computer.

Headphones allow the computer user to listen to sounds unilaterally by wiring them.

System Unit

It is part of the Computer whose function is to complete internal processes to produce complex account results.

Including the virtual devices and features of the device.

The desktop’s core component unit is one of these parts: motherboard, Random Access Memory, and Central Processing Unit.

CPU The central processing unit or processor.

Coded by the abbreviation (CPU), is the component responsible for taking data from input devices.

Analyzing the required input. And also, then taking out the required information through the screen.

Executing the input command in the required way, the CPU has two components: Arithmetic logic unit; abbreviation (ALU), which is responsible for calculations, logic, and decision-related processes.

Control UNIT; the physical components of the Computer are internal devices in the Computer, devices that can connect to the Computer.

This part of the computer stores operating system software and software applications for quick access when you need to complete some tasks.

However, it consists of several types, including input devices including keyboard, mouse, etc. And also, output devices is use to convert data from digital to paper or audio, including printer and microphone, and CPU. And also, system unit.

Main Memory Unit

The main memory module is called RandomAccess Memory, which shortens by a ram. This unit can read and write information very quickly, and if the computer is turn off.

RAM data is automatically erased.

RAM has two types: dynamic memory(DRAM)and still memory(SRAM).

Volumes it does not rely solely on the Computer’s memory to store data, as it is easier to store data in different units.

To keep the custom capacity in the Computer empty. And also, as an explanation of several computer volumes:

Cloud storage, a large-sized server located in data centers worldwide. And also, allow storage instead of using pc memory.

External storage devices, digital storage devices placed outside the Computer.

Therefore, we can use it to expand the Computer’s storage capacity or facilitate the transfer of files between computers.

Communication Devices

We can define The Computer’s communication device as converting digital data into representative signals transmitted over telephone lines. And also, other communication wires.

The transformation of the communication devices into digital data that we can process using the Computer and in what comes a number of the virtual communication devices of the Computer:

Modem, which we use if you connect over phone lines.

Web card: which we use in Ethernet. Bluetooth devices. Wi-fi devices. And also, Smartphones.

The physical components of the Computer are a set of units and devices that the Computer can operate without some of them.

Therefore, Each component has its function and importance in the Computer.

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