Mobile etiquette – others must be respected when using mobile phones in public places, their personal space, and the most critical morals to consider

Mobile Appropriateness in Public Places

Close or place your mobile silent while attending meetings, seminars, conferences, or when in libraries, places of worship, airplane, or waiting rooms. Not to speak out on mobile, not disturb others, especially in hospitals because there are patients who need rest, places of education, and buses with many people in a narrow space. Avoid using a disturbing and noisy sound tone on a mobile phone; it can disturb others, cause confusion in the ocean, and cause children to cry or sudden accidents. Don’t listen to music, watch videos aloud, and use speakers instead. Keep personal and business conversations confidential, and not discuss them publicly.

Mobile Communication Etiquette

The primary goal for which mobile remains found is to communicate with others through it, but pay attention to the importance of taking into account basic general etiquette when sharing with others: talk to people in a polite and gentle tone during the conversation. Please choose the right time for others when communicating with them so that it is not annoying for them. Do not send any text message, image, or offensive video and may cause inconvenience or harm to the counterparty in any way. Ensure that the notes are clear, understandable, and comprehensive in proportion to the counterparty and do not cause them any confusion or lack of understanding.

Respect for the Privacy of Others

The privacy of others in the use of technological devices such as mobile devices should remain taken into account, and unfair practices, such as do not take pictures of others by mobile phone without their knowledge and their consent, especially in places such as the gym, swimming pools, accidents, bad situations, and other areas. Do not record an audio or video of people without their knowledge or consent. Do not access personal data from messages, photos, notes, or others on someone’s mobile without their permission.

Don’t Worry About Being Around You

Find a mobile device to communicate with others, it is necessary to pay attention not to worry about the means of the end, stop at the moment when the mobile affects our relationships with those around us, and here are some essential tips: don’t see, read, or receive a call while you’re talking to someone face-to-face. Avoid doing more than one task while talking to someone on mobile. And pay full attention to the ring, so the opposite person feels interested. Communicate attentively with anyone who provides you with a service in any store, such as a seller, waiter, or another service. Phone occupancy reduces their respect and respect for others who also need this service. Don’t use your mobile while eating a meal with someone.

Public Safety Etiquette

Any electronic device or modern invention that should remain avoided for misuse may harm public safety, with some tips:

Do not make calls or send text messages while driving. As they endanger the life of the driver and the lives of others. Not raising the sound of music too much when using earphones in public can cause problems. Accidents for a person to not pay attention to what’s happening around them.

Review Mobile Etiquette in Public Places.

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