Microwave Oven – The home appliance industry has developed significantly in the past few years. Many electrical appliances help homemakers and working women carry out their daily duties towards their families and facilitate domestic work.

With its daily duties towards her family and facilitating her domestic work, and providing her with significant time and effort while doing homework. These devices became a magic wand. And as a result of the scientific and technical development that led to a revolution in all industrial fields, it provided many jobs and the operation of the workforce to manufacture these devices and high quality, which helped to flourish the global economy in a way

Large, many electrical appliances are mainly present in every house. No one can do without them such as refrigerator, washing machine, iron, and tv. Electric mixers and many devices need to be inevitable in every house. Still, new devices have emerged for years. And it is necessary to know what they are and how safe they are for public health. Including the electric oven or the so-called microwave.

Microwave Oven Story

American scientist pierces spencer worked in the manufacture of the radar in 1946. When he reached out to his pocket looking for something to eat. He was surprised that the piece of chocolate in his pocket melted and contaminated his clothes despite the low temperature of the room.

They worked when spencer found that the chocolate had melted because he was next to the electronic valve through which he was running the radial device.

He thought about it and then brought a bag of “corn seeds” and put it next to the electronic valve. Hence, she went to the side of the electronic valve through which he was running the radar.

Corn kernels explode and scatter on the floor of the room. And then spencer confirmed that short radio waves or the so-called microwave are the cause. In 1953 the first microwave appeared in the markets and weighed 350 kilograms and its size is significant in the size of a large oven. And its work was limited to large hotels and restaurants.

Then there were changes and improvements in the microwave industry and became smaller until it became easy to put it in small places in the kitchen.

The Principle of Microwave Oven

The principle of microwave work is based on a set of overlapping combinations of electrical circuits with mechanical devices.

It works to produce the energy needed to heat and cook food. The rays used in the microwave oven are radio rays used by many electrical appliances. So they do not pose any danger to human beings. The radio rays do not come out of the microwave oven’s door as a result of the protection system provided in the range.

It has two essential characteristics: radio rays are absorbed by water, fatty substances, and sugary substances. Meaning that the particles absorb the radial rays. And the absorption of these rays gives the energy of the beams that makes them fluctuate significantly with each other and collide to produce the energy needed to heat the food.

Plastic materials of all kinds, glass, ceramics, and pottery. Do not absorb the microwave rays and are not affected by them. Still, the metal material works to recoil the beams and thus hit electronic circuits and damage the device.

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