Microwave ovens are defined as devices that heat food by precise waves that penetrate it and cause its molecules to vibrate, causing them to collide, thereby overheating and cooking food. The frequency of 2450 MHz has been reserved for use exclusively in microwave ovens.

How to Use?

There are many effects to pay attention to when wanting to use the microwave: Choosing the suitable microwave: the microwave is available in different sizes, prices, and possibilities, and the size of the microwave measured in square meters; the 0.8 square foot microwave will be suitable for small spaces.

While to heat large amounts of food, it prefers to use a microwave of 2.2 square feet. Concerning electrical capacity, the microwave has a power of 800 watts, suitable for individual use, and if more extensive services are needed.

Microwave configuration: The microwave’s preparation needs a little time and effort. Suppose you want to put it on the table. In that case, all that is required is to remove it from the box and connect it to electricity, but if there is an intention to suspend it must call a qualified person for it.

And before the microwave reaches the electricity, make sure that plastic and stereo foam is removed from the inside and outside.

To choose the time required to heat, press the time button and select it by the keyboard with attention to morning or evening time, and then press again the time button to confirm the option. Know the device’s characteristics.

You should read the instruction manual to find out the parts of the microwave, as most instruction books contain drawings showing the essential features of the device and include options for cooking certain foods such as vegetables, potatoes, and meat.

Most microwaves allow cooking time to be increased to half a minute or their complications during heating without being interrupted.

Microwave Oven Parts

The microwave consists of several features: magnet one: is a vacuum valve that converts the electrical power of an oscillating electromagnetic field. Power provider: provides magnet one with the energy needed to produce food.

Microwave Oven

Wave: a rectangular metal tube used to direct magnetron waves towards the furnace cavity and prevents collisions between magnet one and food, as this collision causes the magnet one to obstruct the operation of the interest one.

Engine: helps to heat regularly by distributing mini-waves from the router.

oven cavity: The vacuum inside the oven in which the food is exposed to waves and heated. Turntable: It manages food inside the oven cavity to expose it to mini-waves evenly.

Door: it is designed to prevent mini-waves from leaking out.

How to Heat a Microwave?

For food, microwave waves can cause the vibration of water molecules in food, turning kinetic energy into thermal energy and heating food.

And heating carries out within traditional ovens by conducting. And heat travels from range to dish and then from plate to food.

At the same time, we are heating inside microwave ovens by absorbing water molecules and food-forming fats into microwave waves.

It results in the temperature of molecules by the same amount, time due to the same amount, time to collide. Thermal energy forms that heat the food while the outer dish remains cold.

Tips when Using a Microwave Oven

There are some general tips to note when using the microwave:[use of microwave cooking utensils, as standard tools prevent waves from reaching the food. It is preferable to buy an oven that opens with a custom button rather than a handle. To reduce the likelihood of damage to the door and leaking the rays.

Stand one and a half meters from the device while working to avoid exposure to radiation in the event of a leak.

Heat food in bowls made of reinforced glass “pyrex” and not use plastic because this leads to fat decomposition. Which harms the human body. Chop the food for equal pieces to ensure its maturity simultaneously. Do not open the oven door during the heating process.

Clean the oven door constantly to prevent fat build-up, which reduces the oven’s effectiveness and leaks the rays.

To give the baked goods a crispy taste, apply vegetable oil before inserting it into the range.
Cook grains using quick-cooking instead of slow cooking. Reduce the fluids used in cooking by one-third to reduce the proportion of fumes formed inside the oven. Avoid mixing meat with flour in case of liquids to prevent a white dough layer from being on the surface of the meat.

Microwave Damage

Cooking foods at high temperatures will lead to carcinogens. But there is no conclusive evidence that microwave waves cause the production of carcinogens. When testing mutations on pork cooked using a microwave.

No evidence of mutations in the meat detects. Comparing the beef cooked in the regular oven to the meat cooked using the microwave did not notice differences.

And the temperature of the surface of the food is often low. Studies have shown that food inside it reaches the right temperature. And the right time to eliminate germs as effectively as traditional cooking methods.

And any analysis of its results contrary to this result is due to food exposure to unequal temperatures. You can solve this problem as efficiently as traditional cooking methods.

By packaging it during the cooking process, therefore. During it industry. You must take the mechanism of the microwave’s work and heating method into account to ensure that the correct temperatures arrive for food.

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