Measure Atmospheric Pressure – Scientists define atmospheric pressure as a column mass of air in a single area, fully equal to the height of the atmosphere, where the group of the air column above one meter is approximately 10 tons. The atmospheric pressure on the sea surface reaches about 1.01 bar. So the air mass is low in areas with low atmospheric pressure and vice versa. The higher the area above sea level, the lower the group of the air column.

How do we Measure Atmospheric Pressure?

Atmospheric pressure is measured by using a barometer or what is known as an atmospheric pressure scale. The invention of the barometer dates back to the Italian scientist Evangelista Turkish, which he invented in 1643. Where the Turkish device consists of a long glass tube placed upside down after filling it with mercury.

And currently uses the barometer at the meteorological center to find out changes in air pressure. Which often indicate changes in the weather condition at that time.

Other uses of the barometer are also used to measure difference altitudes. Atmospheric pressure decreases as altitude increases.

The mercury millimeter unit, or what is known as a bar unit divided into 1,000 millibars, is newly used. to compare pressure measurements recorded at varying altitudes and temperatures. Scientists convert these measurements to a value

Atmospheric Pressure Gauge

The atmosphere is standing as the air layer that surrounds the earth, which presses all objects because of the weight of the air due to the effect of the gravitational force that pulls it towards it. Therefore the atmospheric pressure measure by the barometer, a scientific tool used to measure pressure.

These measurements use in the knowledge of the weather. As the change in air pressure affects the weather, which meteorologists use it to predict short-term weather changes.

Types of Atmospheric Pressure

Gauge Mercury Barometer

The mercury barometer relies on mercury to measure atmospheric pressure. The mercury level in the glass tube at the bottom controls a reservoir to change the air pressure inside the box for accurate results, so the device must adjust to zero degrees. And at the same level as mercury, scientists assess atmospheric pressure when converting all measurements to zero at sea level.

Metal barometer

The metal barometer is less accurate than the mercury barometer. Still, it is more sensitive in measuring changes in air pressure. Measuring the effect of air pressure within the amount of air in the room, after which the needle inside the device indicates the degree of atmospheric pressure by dividing it into millibars and millimeters.

This type of measurement is used frequently in homes, offices, ships, and aircraft, where air pressure is record in a graph through a cylindrical vehicle rotating in a large form. Slow. do you have any questions?

Digital Barometer

We use it to measure atmospheric pressure easily within seconds. Especially air pressure in research rooms that need specific conditions, as the digital scale provides automatic data readings and accurate measurement data.

A humidity gauge and an easy-to-read screen with settings adjustable digital barometer can be available in different shapes, sizes, and types. The digital scale contains an atmospheric pressure gauge, a height gauge, a thermometer, a timer, a compass. And also, a screen to display reading on it.

The 19th-century liquid scale invention: by Frenchman Lucian video. So, the direct inspiration for the digital barometer.


The barometer or atmospheric pressure gauge use to measure air pressure and determine weather conditions in meteorology to help predict the weather. The device’s invention dates back to the early 16th century.

The barometer divides into several sections. Including the mercury barometer. After which types are available and depend on the height of its mercury column for measurement. And can be available in styles other than mercury, while metal barometer.

Therefore we use it in aircraft and consider it small. And also, easy to use. Digital barometer: used in laboratories in research rooms requiring certain weather conditions of air pressure for experiments and containing a screen showing readings, as well as heat, time and other tasks.

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