What is Geolocation?

Geolocation, known in English as the Global Positioning System, is the main objective of the system to provide us with geographical locations and identify essential features where the first to develop the plan in the U.S. Department of Defense.
The main objective is to use it in military operations and the military’s air and ground navigation system and develop this system to include all applications.

GPS determines locations through geolocation satellites more than 20 km from the Earth’s surface, and GPS satellites number approximately 31 satellites, providing relevant entities.
And even individuals with the coordinates of the locations they want by dropping them on geoscience maps. And knowing the exact location through a global coordinate system using global coordinates using Two points for two dimensions of the site is NE or XY, and both systems there remains a way to shift between them.

Geolocation Mechanism Through Satellite

Unique signals remain received from the satellite through the receiver, whose exact location remains intended; this satellite releases the call that when it launches, the launch time remains determined by a very hour and preferably an atomic clock. Still, sometimes this cannot be in terms of the economic cost that remains used instead of other things to increase accuracy in determining the time of launch of the signal and the receiver’s location.

And when the receiver receives the signal is determined time launch and distance traveled by knowing the speed at which it remained launched. Which is a fixed speed (speed of light). Therefore, the distance between the receiver and the satellite remains determined by receiving a second signal from a second satellite conducting the same process. And by receiving three different calls from 3 other satellites. We can determine the intersection point of the geographical location of the receiver that we are concerned to decide.
So it is necessary to receive three signals from 3 special satellites with geolocation systems to stand position. With a fourth moon, positioning stands more accurately. one of the applications of GPS navigation applications.

And we can benefit from this software through smartphones and computers. You can determine your location and even know where you exist by running the location search service and giving you your mobile site. And can also choose the speed you are going. And the right direction. All of these applications of GPS systems.


Geolocation in the past few years has taken on the world. It has excellent benefits. Benefits like this software through smartphones. And computers can determine your location and even know where you exist going by running the location search service.
It also gives you your mobile location. And can also determine the speed you are going and the right direction, all of these applications of GPS systems.

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