Dubai internet city is the largest ICT complex in the middle east and northern Africa, established by the government of Dubai by order of Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum in 1999. A free economic zone and strategic base for international companies.

It promotes the spirit of innovation and creativity in the UAE by hosting the majid bin Mohammed innovation center and a large number of global and local companies.

Dubai Internet City History

Dubai internet city has gone through the following historical stages:

Date event 1999 announcement of Dubai internet city and awards. 2000 a.m., the city’s plan was unveiled at the IBM conference by h.e. Mohammed al-Zarqawi.

2000 a.m., pay attention to the idea of the city and get the license of 100 companies in January. 2004 ad announcement of Dubai’s outsourcing area.

2005 the city’s accession to the international intelligent community network.

2006 the number of companies affiliated with Dubai internet city has reached 900.

2008 launch of the city’s first ICT white paper. 2008 hosting managers and a group of google staff.

2010 launching the excellence series to enhance the professional tasks of the ICT community. 2010 celebrate the city’s 10th anniversary at gitex technology week.  150 ICT companies join Dubai internet city.

2011 published an explanatory statement on its industries in the UAE region.

The Importance of the Internet in Dubai

Dubai internet city is critical because it provides a dynamic and creative environment for its companies and is an important hub for global technology companies such as Facebook, hp, and intel, achieving economic development and technological and social development.

And providing communications services to the majority of Dubai’s economic sectors, including transport, retail, hospitality, construction, industry, and mining, and employs approximately 17,000 experienced and skilled employees in the ICT complex.

 Internet Goals

It provides growth opportunities for business partners by sponsoring various economic and business activities, collaborating with business partners, nurturing masters, and leading thinkers in society. And also, creating the infrastructure. And also, the environment is necessary for the work of ICT companies at the local, regional, and global levels.

Moreover, Laws in Dubai internet city all rules in Dubai apply to Dubai online except licensing laws. It does not require because it is a free zone and is not subject to customs laws imposed on the UAE’s borders.

Dubai Internet City Awards

Brand award in the UAE. Best high-tech free zone award, according to the journal of foreign direct investment. Praise for the essential free places in the world. Companies are operating in Dubai internet  1,600 companies are working there, including 500 companies engaged in software, computers, internet services, and information technology, the most important of which are oracle, kanon, Samsung, MasterCard. And also, Microsoft.


Apart from being an excellent country for vacation, shopping and more. Dubai has excellent internet connections compared to globally. Therefore, It is mentioned that Laws in Dubai city all rules in Dubai apply to the online except licensing laws. No citizen partner is required because it is a free zone. And also, is not subject to customs laws imposed on the UAE’s borders.

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