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Device Acceleration Orders – The performance of the computer depends on several factors, including the hardware of the device itself, i.e., the speed of execution of the pieces in it and the efficiency of communicating with each other. It is also generally related to its health. The computer needs to be maintained periodically to remain functioning at the best performance, maintenance images. Cleaning it from unnecessary files, constantly updating its software, etc.

Correction of Storage Broker Breakages

Breakages in hard drive sections are standard with the constant use of the computer; the data in the storage medium becomes scattered and untidy. Although this is not visible to the user, there is special software to detect and correct this problem.

Windows provides commands to detect and fix the breakage of storage broker sections, if any, and can be used by command prompt as follows: To run the command prompt. The cmd is written in the search field in the start menu and then right-click in your mouse on the Knack Prompt icon. And choose to run it with manager powers( Run as administrator).

The breakages of a particular section of the storage broker can be corrected by typing the order (Defrag) followed by the letter that symbolizes the section, for example, to scan section (:C), the command is entered (:D defrag C). Write the power (Defrag/c), and then press the Enter button on the keyboard, so you’ll start correcting the breakages in all sections of the storage broker.

Detection of Damage to Parts of the Hard Drive

Because the hard disk has a specific life span, parts of it are called sectors after a period of use and thus become unconscionable. Which can cause many problems such as the device suddenly stopping responding, appearing messages showing error, or simply reducing the performance of the device. The command can be used in the Windows operating system to scan a section of the hard drive and detect any problems with it, as follows:

To run the command prompt, the cmd is written in the search field in the Start menu, and then presses the right mouse button on the Command Prompt icon and chooses to run it with manager powers. The command writing (chkdsk) is followed by the letter that symbolizes the section to be surveyed. For example, if the team to be erased is (:C), the command is entered (chkdsk c).

Press the Enter button so that the scan will begin, and when it is finished, the results will appear. Chkdsk allows you to correct errors detected by scanning by adding (f/) before typing the section name; for example, to correct the mistakes in the section (:C), the command is called (chkdsk/f c).

Detect Damage to Operating System Files

Damage to some active system files may affect the performance of the computer. Damaged files can be seen through an SFC command as follows: To run the command prompt, the cmd is written in the search field in the Start menu. And then press the right-hand mouse button on the Command Prompt icon, and choose to run it with manager powers. Write the command (SFC). And then press the Enter button on the keyboard.

Other Factors Affecting Computer Performance Computer Hardware

Device Acceleration Orders – Computer Hardware Includes:


CPU speed is one of the most critical factors affecting the performance of a computer; Cores) in it increases the device’s ability to perform several tasks simultaneously. In addition to the processor’s speed, it has a high-speed, small memory called Cache. A memory in which software instructions and data frequently used by the CPU are stored. The more capacity this memory has, the more data can be stored and processed by the processor.


An essential factor that has a significant impact on the performance of the computer is RAM, which is the memory in which the data is cached. And this memory is faster than other storage media such as the hard drive. So after the processor searches the hidden memory for the information it needs. It explores the RAM, and if it does not find it. Then resorts to searching the hard drive. Which is slower than hidden memory and RAM. In general, the more RAM capacity and speed, the better the performance of the computer as a whole.

Hard Drive

Hard Drive is the third storage that a processor uses to search for the data it needs. So its performance has a significant impact on the performance of the computer. And in general, the more capacity and speed the hard drive, the better the computer’s performance. Because the faster the data is retrieved from it.

Computer Condition and Health

Several reasons are not related to the efficiency of computer hardware only. It leads to a reduction in the performance of the device in general. Including the following:

With the presence of many programs that run immediately after the start of startup programs, computer maintenance specialist Aaron Schoffler has promised that this is one of the most common reasons for low computer performance. Most software installed on the device tries to start working when it is turned on. And many of this software continues to operate in secret even when the operating system is finished from the start-up phase.

Storage space is total, causing different programs to be unable to create the temporary files you need to work as efficiently as required, affecting the operating system’s performance.
Hard disk damage. Since the hard drive contains continuously functioning mechanical parts, these pieces may be damaged after a period of use.

The hard drive is different from the SSD in this respect. The latter does not work using moving mechanical parts, making it withstand 8-10 years without problems. Unlike a hard drive whose life span is estimated at two to three years of continuous use. The user runs many programs at the same time, causing the processor to consume power. As well as random memory capacity.

The presence of malicious software(virus)in the system. As many of these malicious programs consume the power of the device because they perform their dangerous tasks throughout the operation of the device. Examples of these tasks. Showing ads, hacking the web browser, etc.

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