The server is a device that receives electronic signals from satellite stations to be seen live on television, which is very easy to follow hundreds. Space stations update their data each period or change the frequency of their channels. Causing them to be lost from tv lists stored on the river.

So a periodic update of our sphere devices is necessary to keep up with the updates that these channels are constantly launching. Tools for software for the server Having a computer running Windows XP XP, because the Windows 7 version will not work perfectly with the server’s updates software. Update link: a cable connecting the server to the computer. Internet connection.

The Difference Between Software And Channel File

Software: is updated software for the server, so that it is upgraded to modern versions, and software solves some of its technical problems such as sound problems. Image jamming, or slow navigation between channels and others. The Resver Software is fixed software when we carry them from a particular source we can use them more than once when we need them.

Channel file: a file with the latest satellite channel lists. Released every fifteen days, or at the latest. To keep up with the latest updates that satellite channels constantly release.

Software Action Steps For The Server

Before we start downloading the update for the server, we must select its type and issue it to facilitate the software process later. We enter a site or forum with the latest updates to various kinds of the dresser, then click on the section that includes our ever type first.

And then choose from the menu a software order. We determine the type of version of the server and then press its software to be loaded on the desktop, using a program called Loader,

This helps to download software in Pin format. The Server with a minimal capacity, which we can also download from the same section from which we carried software previously. We connect the server to the computer. And then we raise Loader and software for the server, with the update link.


Open Loader, press the software download option. Wait until the device can identify the type of software we previously downloaded in Pin format. And click on it to open it. Then close the river after making sure that all the steps we’ve already applied are correct. Then we never press Start on Loader and then restart the server.

Wait for a few minutes for the software to recognize the software. Finish its work with the appearance of the word End on the river screen. Thus actually carrying the software on the server. Then re-enter the site from which we had the software and then choose our server-type channel file.

We take the channel file on the desktop in Scdex format, and then we also open it from Loader. And in the same previous steps. We choose the option to download the channel file instead of downloading a software file.

Then press starts order, restart it, wait for the program to finish downloading the channel file. And appear on the end command receiver screen so that the software work for the server has been completed.

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