The Positive Effects Of Social Media On Society

the telecommunications technology revolution is the main reason for the emergence of various social media websites, as social media significantly affects society’s culture, economy, and overall worldview.
It allows for the presentation and discussion of many societal issues, such as health issues, cultural differences, and public relations, where the effects of these means on societies vary from negative to positive.
the following points illustrate the most positive social media impacts on society:

Enhancing Scientific Productivity

Social media enhances the scientific productivity of communities, allowing groups of users who share the same scientific interests in several areas, such as health, politics, economics, and others, to communicate together to share their knowledge and experience.

Free Media Platform

social media allows people to prompt their opinions freely without complying with repressive laws prohibiting freedom of expression.

Make It Easier To Communicate With Others

social media is essential for users to communicate with each other. Social media is an easy way to share with other users or identify them wherever they are without adhering to geographical boundaries, breaking cultural barriers between different communities.

Raising Awareness of Community Issues

social media allows community members to discuss important issues to those communities, whether environmental, ethical, or other problems.
It increases people’s awareness of these issues, and addressing and raising awareness has made the balance of media power tilted in the public’s favor, which is difficult for traditional media platforms to achieve.

Strengthening Economic Power

many businesses and businesses use social media to communicate with their customers and market their products. It remains economically characterized by the low financial cost of conducting economic research procedures in a particular market.

Reducing Unemployment

It allows many jobs to remain posted across their platforms. Studies show that 60% of employers turn to social media sites to look for employees, and 19% choose someone to fill a particular job depending on the information available about that person through their social media accounts, according to a 2016 Career Builder survey on social media employment. Social media remains defined as a set of applications and websites used to communicate with others, disseminate information, share content, etc.
And these means have many positives and disadvantages, from the positive effects they cause; work to promote production, contribute to communication with others, and raise awareness on many humanitarian, economic, and other issues.

Negative Social Media Impacts on Society

the following points illustrate the most significant adverse effects on society as a result of the social media sites:

Reducing Direct Communication

It limits face-to-face communication among community members, with many communications made through written conversations via your computer keyboard or mobile phone. And which can negatively affect and reduce fundamental communication skills with others.

Difficulty Communicating Feelings

It limits the ability to communicate emotionally among members of society, where it is limited to sending emojis to express sadness or happiness, but these symbols used do not necessarily explain the reality of the owner’s feelings, which affects relationships between individuals.

Causing Laziness

social media is sometimes a reason why members of society feel lazy. The convenient use they provide to communicate with others is more accessible than, for example, going to them and meeting them in person, creating a kind of idleness and laziness in the person.

Influencing Family Relationships

the impact of it on the disintegration of the family besides society.
It shows a role in the preoccupation of members of the same family since each of them spends numerous hours using these sites in its place of communicating with the rest of his family and strengthening his relationships with them.

Spreading Rumors and False News

It can be used by some people to spread rumors among community members. And mislead them with incorrect information.

Violation of Privacy Social

A negative impact on the health of members of the community has a significant role in negatively affecting the health of its users, especially concerning not getting enough sleep.

Electronic Bullying

As a result, it is sometimes a misused tool for children. In a society where they remain exposed to cyberbullying. It can affect children and their mental health, which can cause depression and anxiety.

Develop Some Bad Habits

Moreover, it sometimes creates terrible patterns for community members, such as neglecting each other while talking or distracting while driving. Although, the continued use of these sites may prompt individuals to postpone their tasks.

May Lead to Increased Social Phobia

However, excessive use of it increases loneliness, isolation, and thus social phobia. So, You can lose confidence in yourself, your appearance, what they have, preventing them from participating in social events.
And deal directly with people around them. So, causing many psychological and health problems when exposed to such situations.
On the other hand, media have many adverse effects, such as affecting individuals’ mental health such as anxiety and depression, the impact of social media on society’s culture. The spread of false news, increased cyberbullying, increased loneliness. And the distance from direct communication with others, a role in declining visits to relatives, emotional emptiness. And the impact of it on the disintegration of the family and society, etc.

Review Social Media and Its Impact on Humanity.

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