Repairing the iPhone Screen – The iPhone is a modern device that can remove all the programs you want to download to enjoy it. It is a stylish and beautiful device and free of pistons it is used by touch and circle that called home and if your screen breaks here are some of the work you do to repair it:

What You Need to Replace The Screen

The new screen (there are goods in eBay and Mazen is the external windshield only without the internal screen called Screen Digitizer, beware of buying it because the iPhone screen in it comes only one piece, the inner screen + the outer glass, pentathlons key, key (box) Phillips #00 4 – a small plastic tool that comes with the screen to remove wires and take out the net. Clean place Apple’s iPhone is a computer in your hands. By connecting to the Internet.

The device will allow you to manage all your affairs. Such as receiving and sending emails. Communicating with friends on Facebook and Twitter. As well as taking advantage of the device’s applications that make your life easier.

An Outside

look at the iPhone, with its large screen and large size, entering your pocket quickly without suffering, as it is very, very thin. It has only one button that you press to control several tasks. Otherwise, it is touch-controlled. The iPhone is a touch-only phone with hands. Its colors are either black or white. The device is available in several capacities: 16 gigabytes, 32, and 64.

I think the 32 is the best fit for all uses. An insight into the iPhone’s operating system called iPhone OS or iOS, a system taken from the operating system in machines and beautifully smooth and light on the device.

The device supports writing and reading in different languages. The iPhone operating system update is done through iTunes, which can download for free on your computer. It can also be updated directly from the iPhone by connecting to the Internet.

When you update the operating system. iTunes takes a backup of all the programs and then offers you the option to retrieve it after the update finish.

Finally, it is necessary to make sure before purchasing the iPhone that it is unlocked. And if it is the opposite, you will not be able to use it as a cell phone until after the lock is unlocked. Phones purchased from accredited t-call companies in different countries do not need to remove because they are officially open. You can also unlock protection (optional for you) to install software and apps available outside the apple store. The process of de-protection is called jailbreak.


The device does not have a keyboard to write and connect to your friends. And it depends entirely on touch. It can be a problem for a group of people. 2- its price is exaggerated. Repairing the iPhone Screen ha many competing phones with specifications that may be better but at a lower price (e.g., Samsung devices).

It does not support Bluetooth technology for receiving and sending files. But this can be overcome by gel brick. I found that many people enter the blog every day by searching for “iPhone,” so I decided to add the following. I’ve been owning an iPhone for over seven months. The new 3gs version phone is very excellent and fast to use. Can’t change it anymore.

New and Beautiful Things in the iPhone

1- Faster than previous iPhones 2- its screen is more apparent 3- 5 megapixel camera 4- HD Video Shooting 5- front camera allows audio and image communication 6- it is thicker than previous iPhones. But the screen measurement has not changed (the iPhone  for the first time gets a more extended screen than previous iPhones) 7- its battery is a little better than the earlier iPhones

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