Poor Internet Speed – The Internet has become a necessity of life with terrible technological development, through which a lot of work is carried out, millions of correspondence are delivered, the news is disseminated, and communication with other people around the world, so the faster the network used, the higher the quality of transmission, the more comfort its users are given.

They have saved them a lot of time, patience, and effort. There are many reasons why the internet is slow, weak, and must be well-paid attention to avoiding it and getting a strong network. And fast

Having a router far from home, placing a single hidden router in the corner of the house can lead to a double internet speed, so it’s recommended to put it in a high position from the ground, in the middle of the house. A person can also use network extenders or upgrade to an interlocking computer network.

The Reasons for the Weakness of the internet

Routers are different in quality, and their ability to capture the network, excellent antennas, and strong internet signal, unlike poor antennas.

Components of the device itself: the details of devices that receive the internet signal differ. As traditional and non-native components affect the power and speed of the movement.

Peak hours: in hours when the internet is at its peak, the pressure and burden on the network increases, the network weakens, and becomes slow. train travel: trains consist of a set of metal tubes that repel, affect. Weaken and confuse network signals. poor internet network for technical reasons the following reasons including:

Too many applications on the device: applications loaded on the machine cause the internet signal to weaken, confuse it, and not capture it completely. So it recommends deleting unnecessary applications.

Free app ads: ads associated with free apps installed on your device weaken, confuse, and make it difficult to capture on your device. Leaving apps open: leaving apps available causes many sent and received notifications to go. Hindering efficient internet signal capture, jamming, and weakening them, so it’s best to get out of apps and close them.

Too many friends on Facebook and WhatsApp: too many conversations, notifications from friends. Send a lot of updates, and many alerts. Weakening and jamming the internet signal.

Operating system: some operating systems. Especially old ones, slow down and weaken the speed of the internet. So operating systems begin to be constantly is up to date.

Service provider: depending on who provides the internet service, quality, strength, and speed vary, some networks suffer from constant poor signaling due to poor software. Numerous system design errors. Errors in the ability to store data in memory. And some networks are constantly vital. In which case it is recommended to change the service provider.

Other Reasons

Routers can wear out over time, so there is a high probability that older routers cannot benefit from new standards such as the system (802.11ac). Which can handle higher internet speeds, so it recommends checking the specifications of the router. Consider its upgrade if it is outdated. And can refer to the router purchase guide for some information that may help.

Time of Day

The time of day affects the overall internet speed and how each person has internet access. When the number of internet-connected participants is more significant. Servers and internet connections can compress, causing delays in response time.

If subscribers to one broadband internet cable are connected to the internet simultaneously. This will lead to a decrease in internet speed. Many other times, internet connectivity is the most frequent, such as weekends. And also, holidays. Schools, institutions.

Viruses or Malware

The presence of viruses and malware in the device can double the reason for Poor Internet Speed because it damages the files of the primary device operating system. Using various system sources such as memory, which would have been used for different internet functions, causing it to slow down.

Browser Problems

The user’s internet browser affects internet speed if it is malfunctioning. To ensure there is no problem with the browser, an alternative browser can be used on the device such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

For example, if the Internet speed is twice as high in all browsers. The device itself or the network may be the problem.

Interference between devices interference between internet signals and other electronic device signals can lead to a weakness in internet speed. Such as microwave ovens, lamps, lights, or any other devices

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