Watching Movies On Computers

Watch your favorite movies and series via these global movie sites. There are two main ways movies (or videos) can remain viewed on computers. The first way is by uploading the movie file or video and saving it entirely on the user’s device to watch it at any time they want.

The second method, in which the user watches the film or video directly from a particular source as movie sites Through what is known as streaming, the user can watch content in audio and image without waiting for the download to end. This process usually requires a fast internet connection to ensure that the broadcast continues without sudden interruptions. As the quality of the content increases, the download speed required to watch will increase without interruptions.

Live Streaming Services

Film and series streaming services are available on the Internet, usually as an alternative to the usual means of viewing this type of content, such as those requiring connections and satellites.

Live feeding services are generally less expensive.

These services are not limited to computers, but some support many other devices, such as Smart TV, tablets, smartphones, and live receivers. You can watch live news and sports, movies. And series through these services without restricting the user to a specific time or device.

The Largest Live Movie Sites and Services


Netflix’s live streaming service is the best compared to others, providing a premium user interface, as well as allowing the user to update watch all of the company’s movies, series, and programs, for a monthly subscription fee-only, and up to five Profiles profiles can be created in the same account, so that account users can watch their favorite movies and programs without mixing.


What distinguishes Hulu’s live streaming service is that it broadcasts the latest series on various TV channels and broadcasts to a series of programs produced by Japanese animation. So this service is a low-cost alternative to regular cable services. It should remain noted that the number of ads is relatively high in this service, even with a monthly subscription.

Amazon Video

Amazon’s live streaming service is part of Amazon Prime’s annual subscription package, which offers features to its subscribers, such as fast-track cargo, estimated at two days for U.S. residents. As well as discounts and the possibility of downloading free books monthly from Amazon Kindle.


Crackle provides live streaming of movies and series free of charge. The use of the service does not require payment for a specific subscription or add-ons and provides the user with various ever-changing films and series. It should remain noted that the service remains packed with ads, and the viewer must wait a good time to watch the ads.


Crunchyroll is a live streaming service dedicated to displaying Japanese animation or so-called Anime and Japanese films. The service provides approximately 25,000 episodes of various anime, estimated at 950, for a low-cost monthly subscription, supports many different types of devices, and the service is ad-free.


Currently owned by Google, YouTube is one of the most popular web video streaming sites, featuring millions of different user-uploaded clips, available to most countries globally, and supporting more than 50 other languages.

So, any visitor to the site can take advantage of it to watch its videos. Still, if the user wishes to take advantage of additional features such as commenting on videos. They must create an account on the site.

Movie Sites Databases

IMDb exists the largest site dedicated to providing all the information about different films. The user can learn the latest movie news and see movie ratings, screening times, trailers.  And even the latest news about celebrities and actors. The user can take advantage of the site free of charge. Or make a subscription for additional features. The site existed created in 1990 and remains currently owned by Amazon.

Therefore, the site provides a sophisticated search engine that the user can use to search for different movies and series. So, you can search for a particular film or series using his name. Although, the name of one of his employees of actors or crew, the name of one specific character in the movie, or even words used by the characters of the film, etc.

Each movie or series in the database has specific information, such as a summary and detailed sequence of story events, the most prominent words used, and quotes. Information about staff and actors. The user can browse the list of the top 250. “The IMDB Top 250” films on the site, depending on user ratings and opinions about these films.

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