Modern Means Of Communication – Communication between people is an indispensable necessity of life; it helps people understand and share ideas, information, and experiences. The most important means of communication between people is to talk face-to-face and close.

Still, many need to communicate with people who are geographically distant from them, and they used the pigeons in the past, but with the tremendous technological development, it has become straightforward at the moment;

The internet made it easier for people to communicate with each other, no matter how far they are, and deliver messages to them in a short time of no more than a few seconds.

Cons Of Modern Means Of Communication

The reason why many people are busy with modern means of communication is disinheriting and introverted, as current communication sites distract the person from his family and his family
And distract him from important matters of life, which causes many problems, especially between husbands.

Where most women complain about their husbands’ preoccupation with the sites of reaching their children and their home. Students are distracted from their studies and future, weakening their scientific achievement and declining their studies.

Many young people use modern means of communication to talk to and meet girls, sharing photos and phone numbers, causing suspicious and improper relationships leading to moral crimes and clan problems.

Some modern networking sites publish scandalous images that offend modesty and phrases that spread disbelief and misdirection, leading to young people being derailed and adequately believed. Too much follow-up to communication sites distracts the human being from his religion, work, and knowledge.

The addiction to devices to follow up on modern means of communication causes many health problems in the bones, especially in the spine and neck, due to bending over the devices for a long time during the day. Continuing to follow these methods, spending big times causes visual impairment and the need to use glasses most of the time. Communication and communication sites distract many employees from performing their work and tasks efficiently, thereby reducing production and giving.

Benefits Of Modern Communication

Online media made it easier to know news worldwide as soon as it happened, helped by satellite television networks. Modern means of communication brought people closer together and increased interdependence.

Modern biblical, audio and visual means of communication brought the distances between people closer. Individuals spoke to others as if they were in front of him if they were thousands of kilometers away from him. Meaning the world had been transformed into a small village. Help develop education. And also, share knowledge through e-learning.

Modern communication has significantly impacted peoples’ economic, educational, social, political, military, and cultural lives. Tracking the enemy and eavesdropping on his calls and contacts helped protect state borders and gave them military force. Countries that use modern means of communication and technology in their lives in developing and civilizing.


Therefore, means of Communication have both pros and cons. That depends on how you use it. Online media made it easier to know news worldwide. But apart from this, it made our life easier.

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