Mobile scratches are hard to remove, But not impossible. Here are some tips and tricks or home remedies to remove these mobile scratches. Read the article and try this. However, these things mentioned in the report are readily available at home.

Use of Toothpaste

Toothpaste can be used to remove scratches on the mobile screen, guided by tools: some of the toothpaste is of non-gel quality. A piece of a soft cloth. A bit of cotton. A little cold water. Method: put toothpaste on a cotton piece. Rub circularly on scratches on your mobile. And also, keep in mind that you don’t press the screen. Put some cold water on the cloth, then wipe the scratches on the mobile screen to remove the toothpaste.

Use of eraser the eraser can be used to remove mobile screen cracks, guided by the following:

Tools: a white rubber eraser and the eraser on the pencil can be used. Method: use the eraser to rub scratches on the mobile screen, keeping in mind that the rub is left and right for 60 seconds. Rub the mobile screen with the eraser up. And also, down for another minute.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda can be used to remove mobile screen cracks guided by: tools: Amount of baking soda—a little water. Bowl to mix the dough.

Soft and clean cloth. Wet cloth. Method: place the baking soda material with some water in a bowl. Mix the two articles to create a thick paste. And also, valid for removing scratches.

Put the dough on the cloth. Move the fabric circularly on the blemishes to be removed from the screen. Clean the screen using a wet cloth. Moreover, other ways to remove scratches there are many different ways to remove and repair scratches from the mobile screen, including:

Baby Powder

You can use baby powder to remove scratches by mixing them with some water, to create a thick paste through which scratches can be removed. Apply on the scratch, leave it few minutes and clean it with a tissue.

Vegetable Oils

This method is effective for minor scratches on the mobile screen. One point of these phone scratches many people around the world are using touchscreen smartphones to do many tasks in their lives. Apart from communication. And also they can be used to photograph.

Therefore, operate different electrical devices and study and search for diverse information via the internet and others, which may lead to scratches on their screen, so we will mention in this article a set of recipes to get rid of this problem.

Chemical products

It is remarkable to remove scratches and the effects of blows on cars, where it is recommended to put a little product on a piece of cotton and wipe the screen with circular movements for a few minutes, and tap the effects of the product with a clean and moist cloth.

Glasspaper, known as cold paper, is commonly used to soften the wood so that the softest type and screen rubbing should gently mix on the scratching place. Still, if these steps are not done correctly. And also, it is possible to increase the number of scratches.


Different types of polishers can be used except for classes of cleaning metal pots because they can damage and harm the screen, and to use the polisher must place in a glass container, cover a piece of cotton or cloth in it, then rub it on the phone screen circularly for a few seconds. And also, clean the polished traces with a dry piece of fabric.

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