Localization of Windows 7: Click the Start button, then the control panel, and click on the time, language, and region (Clock, Language, and Region). The area and language window appears, the keyboard tab and tongue are confirmed to be active, and choose a display language. A list of options appears, and change display language remains pressed from the list. Choose the language to be changed in the Arabic drop-down list, and then sign out for results.

Download Language Packages

if English is not a language, you should download language packages from Microsoft and then download

The Language to be Downloaded, as Follows:

The emergence of a processor to install or uninstall display languages. Click install to download language packages, where two options will appear to choose where to package languages, namely, start updating Windows Update, browser or network.
If language packages remain not stored on the computer, you remain pressed to update Windows Update to download the latest language packages directly from Microsoft.

Windows Update window appears, and there will be two types of updates available in the Windows update; the first type is essential and must remain downloaded immediately, the second type is optional, and language packages are type 2;

they must remain manually selected when downloaded from the Windows update.
The updates selection page will remain downloaded to install a list of available updates, including essential and optional. Make sure the optional tab is active. Choose the language to be used by placing a checkmark next to the language package in the menu from the windows seven language packages section.
Click ok after choosing language packages, go to the windows update page, click the updates installation button, start downloading selected language packages from the list. When you install language packages, they will become available for use.

When you return to the area and language dialog, the downloaded languages remain selected by choosing the drop-down display language. If selecting the language (English), ok remains pressed to save the changes. Activate the new display language by logging out of the computer. And the display language chosen will remain activated when you sign in again.

Another Way to Localize Windows 7

Go to Start, then all programs, windows update, and finally optional updates. Open optional updates, and go to the Language Packs section for Windows 7 Language Packs. Mark the Language Pack, click OK, and complete the installation of updates. Start with automatic installation after downloading.

The Way Windows Seven Localizes

change the language by downloading the Windows 7 language package to convert the current language in windows 7 to English; you must follow the following steps:

Distinguish your configuration in Windows, whether it’s 32 bits, or 64 bits, by clicking with the right mouse button on the computer icon and then choosing the option (properties). At this point, a window will appear containing information about windows, including their configuration.

According to the knowledge of its Configuration:

Localization of  Windows 7 bit configuration) to know which packages to download. Find the link to download language change packages, which remains done by searching the internet through sites that support this service or from Microsoft’s website. Install the installation file after downloading the package for windows 7language.

Go to the Control Panel. Click on the category view, and change the view to view by Category.
Click the watch, language, and region. Tick on the change display language option. Choose Arabic from the languages that appear in the display language list, at which point the current language will change to English.

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