Immobilizer System

An immobilizer system stands as an electronic vehicle security system that prevents the vehicle from operating if the wrong key remains used in operation. This system benefits from reducing the incidence of vehicle thefts.

The Beginnings Of The System

The design remained patented by engineers George EVA NZ and Edward birkenbwell in 1919; by these engineers, a three-rod lock system installed inside the vehicle’s electric panel was developed. When the correct key stands entered into the lock and managed to operate.

So, a signal remains issued to the battery. And the storm’s current begins to move to run the engine. If the wrong key remains used, the signs are disabled, and nothing reaches the battery to work.

The Spread Of The System

So, the immobilizer system has become mandatory in several countries, including Germany, since January 1998. in Britain and Finland since October 1998. in Australia in 2001. in Canada in 2007.

System Evolution

So, the modern immobilizer system exists an electronic system that the vehicle driver does not need to do every time. The system uses electronic signals from the operating key transmitted to the computer and analyzed without running any software. Named after static codes. If these codes match the system, the vehicle is turned on. And if it does not check, the engine does not run. It does not move from the basis of fuel towards the engine.
So, another system called rolling code roll code used in card-based systems rather than keys stands operational, and another method is called blindness. These systems have more excellent protection against copying and code theft.

How The System Works

Although, there exists a small electrical circuit inside the operating switch operating through an electromagnetic field, which induces an electric current to move through the vital body, spreading unique binary codes. And read by the engine’s central controller. If the next reading stands indicated correctly, the engine controller activates and operates the fuel injection unit to run the machine.

So, in some systems information, using the wrong key and trying to open the vehicle causes the vehicle to stop receiving any signal for a certain period, i.e., it makes a temporary lock to its system. And some types of systems send signals over mobile phones. Or satellite to security companies or the owner of the vehicle that there existed an attempted theft made by entering and trying to operate an unreliable person.

Therefore, this system can remain installed in older vehicles where it does not exist. Still, it must intercept at least two electrical circuits within the car. So, Namely, the lower voltage operating service and the fuel pump circuit.

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