Samsung Phone users are bored because the release of android updates to the device has stopped, i.e., the company offers users only one chance to update their devices.

Still, then it stops issuing any of the new versions of the device, forcing the user to buy a new device compulsorily after some time buy it. Android is an open system, which is easy for users. As many developers around the world have developed android for devices that their companies have not supported by developing compatible versions of new versions of the system.


It is a software process that allows you to control your device and gives you more power by de-protecting the device to access the main files of the system. You can show hidden files and delete files that cannot be deleted, such as Samsung applications.

You can do this by installing the SuperUser app so that it is responsible for giving powers to devise applications. And storing information in a personal history within it.

Root Pros

it gives you many powers in the system and the operation of applications that the user cannot use. It enables you to edit system files. And also, allows you to modify applications installed on the system.

Root Cons

it may damage the device if error instructions are performed while the root is working or when the features of system files are incorrectly changed. Loss of device warranty after the source.

How Rot Works

There are many ways to work root according to the type of program used. Look for a CF-AUTO ROOT that belongs to your device type (you can find out what kind of device you’re going to set. Then the Model Number, then the Samsung Phone. And also, there you find your device type).

Please turn off the phone and press the playback press, the middle media, and the excellent media simultaneously;

Download Odin on and turn it on. CONNECT YOUR PHONE TO YOUR COMPUTER WITH A USB COMPASS.  AND YOU’LL SEE A MESSAGE SHOWING THAT YOUR DEVICE HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED. Click on PDA, choose the file you previously uploaded, CF-AUTO ROOT, and then press the Start button.

When you’re done, the pass will give you, and the device will restart. Download the Google Play Super SU app. Open the app, and you’ll see the question “How do you want to update binary” – “How do you want to update binary data.” Choose Normal. Restart the phone, so you get root powers.

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