Flash memory is a memory unit with a capacity of between 2GB and 32 MB, invented to help users of technical devices such as computers store files regardless of their size, facilitate transferring them from one device to another through a USB port. You get the power to run them from the main panel of the device.

And sometimes, the problem of the device not knowing the flash memory occurs due to several reasons such as the presence of viruses or a change in windows values that prevent the device from knowing the flash memory. Or problems associated with the flash definition. So we will give you some ways to solve such issues through this article. Read till the end to solve your problem.

Ways to Solve the Problem of not Knowing the Device on Flash Memory

My Computer Icon

tap my computer icon using your right mouse. Click on the manage option. Check unknown devices, and you’ll see next to the undo identifiable portal, indicating that your computer doesn’t recognize the Unknown device.

Press with the right mouse pointer, on the uninstall flash, and then the Uninstall option to clear the definition permanently and redefine it again.

Press again with the right mouse pointer, press the update drive option, close the device, disconnect the charger and battery for about a quarter of an hour, reconnect the battery, turn on the device, and the flash will be recognized.

Run Window Method

Go running. By clicking on the Windows logo on the keyboard, and the R character, simultaneously, you’ll see a small window. Type the following Regedit command, and then click ok. You’ll see a new window, open a folder hkey_local_machine. Open the System folder, then the current control set and service.

Click on the name of the folder that contains the flash USB. Press with the right mouse pointer on the Start option, and you’ll see a new window with numerical values, place #3 instead of these values. Press ok, close the window, restart the device, and then re-enter the memory flash in the port, and it will be recognized.

Power Management Disabled

press my computer icon, using the right mouse pointer, then press the manage option, the device manager option, and choose universal serial bus controls. You’ll see many inputs.

Tap intel (r) USB 3.0 root hub twice with the left mouse pointer. You’ll see a severe window, tap the power management option, and remove the tag from the allow the computer option to turn off this device to save power so that you can turn on all USBPORT inputs.


Be careful using these flash memories. The best part is it facilitates transferring them from one device to another through a USB port. It can quickly and easily transfer your files from one device to another. But for several reasons, such as viruses, a change in windows values that prevent the device from knowing the flash memory or USB, or problems associated with the flash. Read the whole article to get solutions to your problems.

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