Email is a means of exchanging messages between two or more parties by connecting to the internet. This article will introduce you to the beginnings of its invention. It must remain noted that at the beginning. It was not as sophisticated as it is at present, as it allows for the exchange of images, files, and documents along with digital messages.

Ray Tomlinson, Inventor of Email

Tomlinson, an American programmer, is the creator of emails and the inventor of email. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of technology in 1965, then worked with the band team in Massachusetts, knowing that he invented email by accident and remained not planned as the rest of his inventions.

The Beginnings of the Vision of Email

Tomlinson sent an email to himself in July 1971, and his letter reached the address he immediately identified for her. However. The letter’s content mentioned nothing but that it remained a compilation of characters he wrote randomly.

About Network Design

BPN has remained selected to build Urban, a network that connects universities and scientific institutes in the United States of America and keeps them in touch. It should remain noted that Tomlinson participated in the design of that network through an easy messaging program, known as SNDMSG.

So that panned workers can leave messages to each other biting. Knowing that this program was the first step to access the current email. And must Note that the importance of this program lies in making a file in which the message remains placed. Knowing that it is used only on one device, and among the users of this device.

Design of the Silent Program

Keep in mind that the email box was only a file in which the user writes his message so that the other party can read it only without modifying it. Or rewriting it, knowing that the purpose of this mechanism is to leave a letter from the person who has finished the work to the person who will receive the work so that the parties do not need to meet to exchange the message.

And for that Tomlinson designed a program known as the program built, where the mechanism of action of this device remains based on the transfer of files from one computer to another. But provided that the two devices remain connected to the urban network.

Linking SNDMSG and CNET

An email user needs a program to transfer emails from one device to another, with SNDMSG being a program that writes messages on the same computer. At the same time. Sprint is a program that transfers files from one computer to another, prompting Tomlinson to merge the two programs. Resulting in an email.

Create a Signal @

Tomlinson’s email had the problem of locating the message, with arbant’s network distributed over fifteen devices and in different parts of the united states. Prompting Tomlinson to consider creating a code that would remain placed between the sender’s name and the location from which the message remained sent so that the sender could explain his whereabouts when he sent his message.

Tomlinson chose an untitled symbol, a symbol @ reading in English refers to where the letter originated. Later, the letter became a stand-alone symbol used to incorporate names and billboards. After this innovation, Tomlinson sent an email to himself from one computer to another. Knowing that the two devices were connected to the urban network and remained located at his company’s headquarters.

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