Dynamo is a generator or so-called continuous current generator based on electrical exchange. The dynamo produced electric power before the alternating current generator was invented.

The dynamo consists of rotating files made of wires that deliver electricity and a magnetic field that converts rotational motion into a continuous current under faradic law.

The fixed part of the dynamo is called the “fixed or static organ,” which creates the set magnetic field, and the moving part of it is called the “rotating organ” (armature). Which rotates within magnetic flood lines.

The fixed magnetic field is obtain through permanent magnets. And large generators generate by electrical magnets are stands feeding or flood files.

The principle of dynamo work, the idea of dynamo work, is that it converts mechanical energy into electric energy through the rotation of the copper file between the magnetic field poles, which is known as the “turbine.”

The idea of rotating this field is either using wind power or waterfalls, for example, the power plant on the high dam in Egypt, in which water level teams is use to move the file to produce electricity.

The invention of Dynamo

The British scientist in chemistry and physics,” vara,” discovered the idea of the work of Dynamo by chance. That when the magnet approaches any closed circle and consists of a file connected to the electric current scale “ammeter” where he observed that the indicator deviates.

And concludes that this deviation is only produce by the source of the voltage difference, which is the movement of magnets with the file.

And there was no battery related to the file, and noted that the indicator deviates increasingly as it approaches one of the magnet poles. When removing magnets from the file. He pointed out that the movement speed of the magnet increases the force of the indicator deviation. When the magnet stops. The indicator returns to zero.

In another experiment conducts by the word “faraday,” which depends on the electrical circuit, note that when the switch of the electric circuit closes or open. The current changes between two values from zero to the highest value.

And this indicates the difference in the magnetic field generated in the file from the other side of the circuit, resulting in the passage of an electric current in the secondary circle.

Car Dynamo

charging generator is available in all motor vehicles. Where the part responsible for converting motor energy, obtained by road.

Continuous-current electric power. Stored in the car battery, operates the vehicle. And also, other electrical accessories, such as radio. Hence, Air conditioning, and lamps, manage the car.

How does the car’s Dynamo Works?

The car begins its movement based on the electric engine. As the trend weakens its charge, the vehicle moves to movement based on the internal combustion engine. The Dynamo begins to work by exploiting the resulting kinetic energy—converting it into electric power. Storing it inside the car battery to restart the electric engine at medium speeds.

Reasons to reduce the ability of dynamo work exceed the specified number of kilometers allowed. So, damage to the dinghy in charge of the transmission to the dynamo for electricity generation.

Therefore, Some electrical components burn due to the complete opening of the kat out the circuit and increased electricity production. And also, discharge the battery charge as a result of cutting off the dynamo charging current

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